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Operating from the school year 2020-2021, PennSchool is proud to be the ideal school for students to enhance students’ potential in an international environment.


The Pennsylvania American International School provides high-quality academic experience in a bilingual setting, that prepare citizens with integrity and commitment actively to the development of society in a globalized world.


PennSchool has rolling enrollment throughout the year at all grades and the Admissions Team will provide a supportive and experience which help parents to have the best decisions.

Our Service

PennSchool offers a wide range of support services to ensure the students’ physical and mental health, helping them to learn and experience effectively.

News & Events

The latest events and news at PennSchool will be continuously updated to provide the useful information for students and parents.

Student Life

Not only improving knowledge, PennSchool students also participate in many extra activities, helping to build essential skills for the future.

Hall Of Frame

PennSchool is proud to train the next generations who are happy learners, discover, find the joy of learning and become lifelong learners.


EAL Program


English as an Additional Language (EAL) at Pennsylvania American International School (PennSchool), is for students who do not satisfy the English Requirement to study in the bilingual or international program.

EAL Program is designed to improve the students’ English proficiency so that they can participate in the PennSchool program at different grade levels. Lessons are designed to provide tailored support specifically for students participating in these classes.

Course Outline

Supporting level will be determined, based on the student’s result of entrance exam. The program is combined with the main courses, which help students to develop in the English environment.
Supports students' integration into an English-speaking environment so that they feel comfortable at our school.
Tracks students on an EAL continuum specific to English-language acquisition.
Helps students develop confidence, skills and knowledge to access the Bilingual and International Program.


Students will participate in supplementary learning until they can  study independently in the main courses. They are also evaluated during this program as well as the main courses. This program will be reduced if their English satisfies the requirements. 

 After completing the EAL program, students can study effectively and achieve good results in the main courses.

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