The unforgettable youth memories

“Even if we went our separate ways, we surely won’t forget all the fun and precious memories we share.”

Andya Bareng – PennSchool alumni ADP12 class


In the growth and success process of each individual, Teachers are always there. Their lessons and teaching will always be imprinted in everyone’s mind. November 20th is a special and meaningful occasion that alumni can together look back at some great memories with Teachers who have been with them since the very first days of their growing up journey.

Sad and happy moments with Teachers and friends will forever be a beautiful part of the youth that they will keep at “the memorized station”. PennSchool believes that even if students go on new journeys, the love that Eagles give to their Teachers will always be fulfilled.

Let’s check out what Andya Bareng, PennSchool Alumni, shares about her sincere and profound feelings as well as unforgettable memories with her Teachers!

“To all our PennSchool Teachers,

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you. In my personal experience at PennSchool, I’m very grateful to have witnessed your passion and dedication to each one of us.”

“To two of my dearest teachers, my Science teacher, Mr. Vincent. I’m happy that I got to tell you in person how much I look up to you. Your passion for teaching has greatly impacted my will to do well in class… I wish my future teachers can also ignite my passion for learning as much as you did.

And to our very own, Ms. Huong, who has been with us the longest, we thank you for all the patience, love, and understanding you have given to each one of us…You were always there when things got tough. I’m very certain that the younger class will also say the same about you because you’re remarkably the kindest!


And to all Teachers at PennSchool, I continuously thank you for being our inspiration to strive for the best… I hope we could all get together and sing you the Teachers’ Day song…

… On behalf of alumni, Thank you and we greet you Happy Teachers Day!”

Andya Bareng – PennSchool Alumni ADP12 class