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Individual Attention & Communication

PennSchool ensures individual attention for your children at every phase of his or her educational journey and enhances the communication between home and school.

  • Parent Portal: An application for the parent to stay informed of announcements, daily classwork, and homework, or even details of fee payments and certificates.
  • Weekly Communications: Parents receive study plans and teacher comments in terms of the student’s progress on a weekly basis.
  • PTMs: Parent Teacher Meetings are organized every semester to notify the parent of their child’s development.
  • POPs: Parent Orientation Program and Curriculum Showcases are conducted for the new Parents to induct them through the entire year’s academic and activity curriculum.
  • Coffee Chats: Coffee Chats are conducted every 6 months to discuss specific common issues that the parents face and also to receive feedback from parents.
  • Circulars: Timely email circulars for current happenings, competitions, events or urgent notices are forwarded to the parents.
  • SMS updates: SMS updates also include timely announcements of events or any immediate announcements that need to be addressed by the parent.

Parents Handbook