Letter from the Board of Principals

Dear PennSchool Parents and Students,

After a period of online learning due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, with the spirit of learning to create change in a volatile world, the students have been equipped with a lot of skills to develop themselves, actively participate in learning and experience activities, contributing to fostering positive values for individuals and the community.

In the past October, students at PennSchool freely discovered, conquered interesting and useful lessons. The end of the first quarter exam for the American program took place successfully, marking the efforts and efforts of the PennSchool community. Events taking place during the month such as Discover Day, Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20, Halloween Festival, Mole Day … have also received active participation and response from students. Hopefully, the students have been equipped with additional knowledge in different fields, especially contributing to strengthening the foundational skills for comprehensive development and becoming global citizen.

In addition, with high school students, PennSchool has cooperated with RMIT University and Ohio University to organize meetings with the desire to provide opportunities to learn about disciplines, training programs, advice from experts and predecessors. Besides, the vocational education activities organized by the school in October have helped the students develop their strengths in the best way and have clear goals and orientations right from the moment they entered high school.

Continuing the spirit of learning to create change in the changing world, in November the school will deploy more meaningful activities such as Geography Awareness Week, Opening Short Film Festival, American Education Week: US University Fair, Celebrating Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11… Besides, in early November, PennSchool will conduct an assessment of Measuring Academic Progress (MAP) provided by the Northwest Education Association (NWEA). The assessments are divided into three subjects: Reading Comprehension, English Language Proficiency, and Mathematics. This assessment is intended to track each student’s progress in school. The results from the MAP-NWEA will not be used to include in the summary of student grades for the school year, but through the results achieved by the student, Pennschool will guide the student to help them develop their strengths and improve limited skills throughout the school year.

We believe that, with rich, interactive programs and hands-on social skills, students will be inspired to learn for life and gain more qualities to adapt to the ever-changing world.

PennSchool would like to thank parents for accompanying and trusting the school on the way to building a positive learning environment for students in recent years. During this global pandemic, the school always sympathizes with the difficulties that parents are facing. We look forward to continuing to receive your support in the future. Your support and trust are a great encouragement to the PennSchool team.

Wishing you and your family all the best, health and safety through this challenging period. Wishing all students to be strong, make efforts to adapt to the changing world and spread positive values ​​to the community.

Best regards.

The Board of Principals of PennSchool