Experiential journey in the “special” Back-to-school season

This is the emotional Back-to-school season at PennSchool because we have not met together for 9 months when we just saw each other through the computer screen.

The first Back-to-school day for the primary students which give different emotions which are worry but excited. “I feel like my dream has come true. I’m so excited, happy, and a little bit nervous. During the online learning period, we didn’t have time to understand each other, but now we have the opportunity to make friends and talk to each other.”

Nguyen Tu Khanh – B5B

Going back to school makes many students confused and have to learn how to adapt to the new method. However, with the preparation of facilities and an experiential environment for all students, PennSchool believes that they will always be happy at school. This is also Le Nguyen Minh Minh’s feeling when she can go to school to study.

“I know the school is awesome, but somehow I still feel a little bit worried. When I got to my class, I began to look around the room in amazement. The room was much bigger than I imagined, the furniture was neat and comfortable. And the food is not so bad. If the school has tried its best to provide us with good facilities and opportunities to enjoy face-to-face communication, I definitely will study hard and harder and be a good student”.

Le Nguyen Minh Minh – B5B

To help students get used to the face-to-face learning environment, PennSchool has built many interesting activities to increase their solidarity. “I participated in sports activities such as: throwing the ball into the basket, tug of war, ….with all students of Grade 4… My first drawing lesson at school was very interesting. I was able to draw 3D hands under my teacher’s enthusiastic guidance. Math lesson with Ms. Trang was also exciting.”

Nguyen Do Hong An – B4B

Similar to Hong An, the first lessons gave Ly Nguyen Thao of class B4A useful information while the epidemic situation was still going on. “Entering the first lesson, our teacher spent time communicating, sharing emotions and solving problems that we coped with in online learning. My class B4A was full of laughter. The teacher reminded us how to stay healthy, work together to overcome the epidemic, wear masks, and adhere to 5K; which helps to protect ourselves”.

Being back to school is a huge effort for teachers and students. However, there are some students who cannot attend offline classes. Therefore, the curriculum is built for both online and offline students to ensure their learning program. Although learning methods change, students quickly adapt to this.

“The lessons were quite interesting and easy to understand. Some online learners also interacted with the whole class, they were assigned to use Google to search information at home and share with the class, which increased the information that we had. I liked to play games on Quizizz or Kahoot like online classes, however when we studied offline, our teachers also replaced them with similar interesting games.”

Tan Y Lam – B5A

The happiness of going back to school and sharing knowledge together gives both PennSchool and students to overcome the difficulties. Wish all of you will always have the good health, and keep positive energy so that we can complete the academic year 2021-2022 successfully.