First day at school of 2021 – 2022 school year

House of Eagles officially entered the new school year with a completely different learning “experience” on the first day of school.

PennSchool Community started the first day at school of the 2021 – 2022 school year with online classes. Although we only “meet” through computer screens, all the classes are still full of interactions of students in the games to “break the ice”.

With the theme “Embrace flexibility and innovation” for this year, Pennschool wishes to convey the message of promoting flexibility and innovation in the educational environment. Therefore, the online lessons will be designed by teachers on the basis of Schoology and Class Dojo with a high learning application, helping students to interact with their classmates and memorize the lessons better.

We have to face many challenges through distance learning, but it also gives us the opportunity to change and try new methods of teaching and learning.

This school year will still be demanding and challenging for all of us. Despite many difficulties, hopefully, all of the students keep their confidence and are not afraid to change and step out of their comfort zone. PennSchool believes that with today’s efforts – students will improve themselves and create an extraordinary school year ahead.