For a safe experience, for a happy day

Besides welcoming students back to school, PennSchool school board and teachers have performed essential activities to affirm a safe environment for students to study and get experience.

To maintain the health and safety for students, teachers and staff at school, PennSchool performs epidemic prevention measures inside and outside classes.

Students are checked the atmosphere and perform hand sanitizer at the school gate. In addition, all locations on campus, classes, function rooms, restrooms are cleaned and sanitized daily. Teaching equipment, doorknobs, stair handrails, chairs, windows… are also disinfected frequently.

Besides managing the offline learning process of students, PennSchool’s teachers also checked their health situations. With Ms. Dao Phuong Van, a nurse at the school clinic, also has essential activities to affirm students and teachers’ health: “When any student visits the clinic, I will check their health, evaluate the symptom, and test covid. If the result is negative, that student will be tracked in the clinic or informed for parents to go back home. If it is positive, the school will inform parents and the local health center to take care of this case. With the rest of the students in class, they will be tested covid and transferred to the offline class to monitor their health.”

All teachers and proctors are trained to ensure the prevention of epidemics, implementation of isolation for infected or suspected cases, disinfection work after detecting an infection: “When having the infected cases, we will disinfect in class, corridor area, clinic room and isolation room. PennSchool also establishes a plan to localize the risk of infection, minimize contact between students in classrooms and other areas, and avoid the cross-contamination to maintain classrooms when the school has F0.” – According to Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet, the school proctor.

To affirm all students to implement epidemic prevention measures, PennSchool also has the orientation lesson when students are back to school and has guideline video to help them to review. Regulations are posted in the corridors, instructing students to wash/sanitize their hands; cover nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, do not spit indiscriminately; avoid touching their eyes, nose, mouth; do not share personal items; and trash the prescribed places.

Building a safe and experiential learning environment is the criteria that PennSchool establishes to help students to integrate with friends and teachers in the new normal condition.