Graduating High School is the beginning of your journey

Preparing for graduation is the most memorable time of a student’s life. It is not easy to say goodbye to teachers and friends who have been a family for a long time.

The last months of the students’ life are passing, and now are the complex emotions. We are sad because there will be no more opportunities to study and get experiences together. But we are almost happy when we reach adulthood and can be actively oriented ourselves. Therefore, “Graduating High School is the beginning of your journey”.

In these last days, the person who misses you the most is probably your homeroom teacher, who has stuck with you for many years. However, the missing will gradually disappear because she can see your plans and efforts during your studying periods have been paid off.

“To ADP 12 students,

Time passed over, it was a day when you started to study at PennSchool, but now you prepare to graduate high school. We have been together for 3 years – that is neither short nor too long, but enough for us to understand each other and give beautiful memories. Everyone will grow up, also choose different gates of life; you can choose to study abroad to discover new horizons, but others can choose to study in Vietnam to live with their family, or decide to take a gap year to get more experiences.

With the foundation of knowledge and trained personality at PennSchool, no matter what you choose in the next stage, I believe that you will succeed on your own. I hope that you will live with the enthusiasm of youth, having your own goals, care for others, and dedicate to the community”.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Diem Huong – ADP 12 Homeroom teacher

The end of this journey will be the starting point for the next ones; a new journey will have many challenges but there are also many interesting things waiting for you.

“I wish you a lot of health and success on the path you have chosen. I and PennSchool are always proud of you.”

It is also the wish of Ms. Diem Huong to send to lovely students. And please remember that PennSchool will always be your spiritual support, will always cheer and wish you the best.

Thanks for your efforts, striving, being willing to experience and ready to challenge to build PennSchool’s values.