How do I prepare for my future?

Studying at school is the most beautiful time that we have, however it also passes over as fast as we do not have time to recognize. Do you remember the first time when you went to school, met your teachers and friends? We can meet each other as a predestined, to share memories for each other.

Another closing season is coming, the time to be a student is over and now is the time for grade 12 students to get ready for the upcoming changes in their future life.

Besides sharing memories with friends, preparing the knowledge and skills to transition from high school to university is also important. This is also the upcoming plans of Ha Boi An – ADP12.

“Filled with the thought of graduation, I can’t help but tear up because I will greatly miss my friends, teachers, and staff at PennSchool. The future is uncertain and that is truly terrifying. However, I am more prepared now to face it head-on, because I have a network of supportive family members and people at school. On top of that, they are patient in guiding me. For that, I am indefinitely indebted to them. Like many seniors, I want to pass high school with flying colors and attend the university(ies) I have hoped for. I view GPA as an important gauge for universities’ applications and I want to maintain it at 3.65 or achieve even higher. I also hope to be more extroverted because this would allow me to give better presentations in the future during school projects, just to prepare for incoming flood loads of projects by professors. Additionally, I need to improve my decision-making skills so that I can complete tasks more effectively. 

GPA can only be achieved through consistent efforts. Knowing this, I have been catching up with lessons by watching videos and reviewing the materials taught in class. Being assured of understanding the lessons is especially helpful before and during exams, rather than miserably failing it or just simply giving up on trying. Having been an introvert, social skills are a challenge for me. However, I am glad that the yearbook journalism lesson has allowed me to participate in activities that contain these obstacles. Through being a group member and giving out speeches, my confidence has improved. A little step at a time goes a long way. Without a doubt, I have bonded with my classmates and it would be an unforgettable experience. When one is in a workforce, decisions are made every day, be it big or small. I am hopeless in this area. To combat this, I will try to slow down and give myself time to think and weigh out the outcomes. I believe that starting now would help me to build an effective method to be firmer faster, which would come in handy when I work in an environment with high pressure. So far, it has helped me to allocate time for different activities and appropriate sufficient time for a task. Thus, transforming me into a better person who has better time management when asked to decide on something.”

Now is the time for you to wear the graduation coat, take photos with friends and share memories. After graduating, you will become alumni and the school will be the place to keep our memories.