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How have we planned for Grade 12?

One of the memorable times in our life is the time when we study at school. However, they pass over as fast as we cannot recognize them. With students in Grade 12, have you remembered the first time you went to school? I think the answer is “yes” with full of memory.

And when Year 12 is coming, students have to be ready for their future plans. Most PennSchool students built their own goals and are gradually completing them.

“This year’s motto for me is “go big or go home”. Thus, I have certain goals that I want to accomplish, such as achieving a 3.65 GPA or higher, getting accepted into a university, excelling in Math, maintaining the motivation to study and be a model student, staying calm under pressure, helping my friends and keeping in contact with them.”

– An Ha Boi, ADP 12 –

This is a difficult year for students in Grade 12 because they have to study online in the 1st semester. However, with the effort and positive thoughts, they have studied how to adapt to this situation by making a specific study plan. 

“To have an effective study plan, I have to record when I can study and focus well, and I can learn for how long; most importantly, I set my goal, such as what homework I need to finish today and what work I do have to complete. I hardly ever force myself to study more than I can because it is not worth it even if I spend more work. For example, I mainly focus after 7 o’clock, and I only study for 3 to 4 hours after school. When I study, I usually take 15 minutes of break between 1-hour of learning. I always study Mathematics first because Mathematics has a lot of numbers and requires focus. Then I complete the US government homework because it is mostly about governance and politics. English is the last subject, as it contains various stories and texts. Finally, I do optional subject tasks.”

– Loan Dang Phan Mai, ADP 12 –

With Ms. Boi An, she has private ways to improve her subjects. 

“With the acceptance that an improvement is needed for Math, there is no doubt I would try my utmost best to understand the lessons in class first, then revisit the materials taught during the day later at home. This is inevitably more work, but assurance in absorbing the lessons would greatly benefit me as I would spend less time revising when exams or tests come around. It would also be helpful if I am more active with my participation in class discussions. 

Being stuck at home for uncountable months and studying behind screens, comfort would gradually take over the motivation to study. I fell victim to this. However, I have ways to combat the gradual decline of motivation. With the recent discovery of Notion, schedules of what needs to be done become easier to see, making daily tasks easier to navigate and the top priority for me. Furthermore, I strive to finish my work before relaxing because it’ll mean more worry-free time on my hands and it feels much more rewarding than constantly being chased down for missing work by subject teachers.”

And when almost all of the students in grade 12 at PennSchool have a plan to study abroad, applying to university requires careful preparation. Besides documents like passports, transcripts, financial documents…, students also need to prepare a Personal Statement.

“In my opinion, writing a Personal Statement has to take a long time to throwback our past and seriously reflect on it. Therefore, I plan to write a personal statement when I have free time or finish all my work. Before I get to work on my Statement, I usually take a deep rest. I do activities such as reading books to find ideas and quotes for my essay in books or work on my interests like sewing, drawing and composing music. I believe these interests will help me uplift my creation.”

– Loan Dang Phan Mai, ADP 12 –

“In a few months’ time, countless mortarboard hats will be thrown into the air with screams of joy ringing in the vicinity. Quavering sounds will echo when delivering one’s final speech and friends will be observed going their separate paths.” (An Ha Boi, ADP 12) That will be the motions of all students in Grade 12 and teachers at PennSchool are looking for. That will be the time for them to welcome a new challenging and exciting journey in life.