Letter from the Board of Principals

Season greetings

Welcome parents and students to the E – November newsletter of PennSchool,

After nearly 3 months of online learning due to the influence of the COVID – 19 epidemic, the school board would like to congratulate the students who have successfully completed some of the first exams of the school year with remarkable results.

In the past November, parents and students received the Quarter 1 academic report. It is a worthy result for the hard-working efforts of students to conquer knowledge in the past time. At the same time, the completion of the midterm exam of the Vietnamese program contributes to marking a challenging but rewarding and interesting learning process. In particular, students from grades 6 to 8 have the opportunity to participate in NWEA’s MAP Test, a great opportunity to gain their knowledge and shape their future.

In addition, to reinforce core values ​​in students, PennSchool has activities to help them understand the importance of intellectual, physical, and emotional balance to achieve happiness for students and people. The students demonstrated their leadership ability and solidarity through the first activities of the House System and had meaningful deeds to thank their teachers on the occasion of November 20, strengthening the cohesion between students’ family members on Thanksgiving Day.

PennSchool would like to thank the parents who have accompanied and trusted the school over the past few months. The school appreciates the valuable time of parents in supporting 12 to 17 year -old students to get vaccinated against the COVID – 19 vaccine, encouraging them to practice and complete the exams well. capacity price. Your dedicated help has greatly contributed to building a positive learning environment for students.

In the coming December, PennSchool will continue to implement community programs, activities to celebrate Christmas, and competitions between houses. At the same time, they need to be prepared for the final exam of the 2nd quarter – the American program and the final exam of the 1st term – the Vietnamese program. With rich programs, combining knowledge learning and skill training, students will be inspired to learn for life and have more qualities to succeed in life.

On the occasion of celebrating Christmas in 2021, the PennSchool Board of Principals would like to wish all parents and students a peaceful and warm Christmas and a new year of 2022 full of health, luck and success in life.


Best regards,

Board of Principals of Pennschool