Letter from the Board of Principals

Dear Parents and Students,

Exciting, fun, experiential, and loving were the prominent keywords when the Eagles talked about their past April.

Because in April, the students have the opportunity to release their abundant energy through interesting events. With the series of activities in the Pink Day event, the students spread meaningful messages to everyone. Blending with the pink color of Pennschool, the classes have created a message against school violence. In addition, students can satisfy their passion for design through the “Pink Shirt Design” contest to design a pink shirt with the theme “Anti Bullying”. One of the most impressive activities in the Pink Day event is the activity of pressing hands on the backdrop to show the promise of a school without violence.

Special occasions are the bridge for Eagles of all grades to interact and bond with each other, building a friendly community. And a big holiday not to forget in April is Easter. The students experienced the fun and interesting traditional games during Easter, contributing to the exchange and learning about Western culture. The “hunting” for Easter eggs – Egg Hunt, experimenting with dyeing Eggsperiment eggs, or observing interesting reactions with Egg the Bath Bombs brought precious moments of relaxation and laughter.

One of the highlights of this month is the House Sports day. The intense competition is divided into two main grades, including elementary and middle school with a variety of interactive sports. The members of the House are all trying to save the prize for their House.

Besides, the students also participated in recycling plastic bottles to plant trees, taking advantage of the space to create a green space for the school on Earth Day, which is also a corner for them to experience practical learning. And there are many learning activities and experiences that the students are very excited to participate in, which are meaningful and useful.

The month of April has given Pennschool students more positive energy to welcome the next month. Before coming to the exciting summer, the students will enter the final exam of the 2nd semester. Wish you all the best in studying, and completing the exam to the best of your ability to have a perfect summer!

Best regards,

Board of Directors of the Pennschool.