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PennSchool “cover” the Covid-19 vaccine – Ready for the new normal

The PennSchool had the opportunity to welcome students to participate in Vaccination sessions for students aged 12-17.

PennSchool students participate in immunizations at school sites and assigned schools to complete 2 critical shots. Completing 2 injections for students in large grades under the direction of the Ministry of Education is considered a key point to reopen schools in the near future. This injection will also help them get their Covid-19 green card and be able to participate in other social activities more safely.

With the experience from the first injection, the second one went smoothly and quickly because students and parents were familiar with the process of information declaration and vaccination at the previous vaccination session.

In order to prepare for the vaccination session to go smoothly, the school has started the preparations very early, from sending notices to each student’s family about the time of vaccination, notes and documents to provide. before the injection. The school also works closely with medical facilities, makes medical declarations, arranges vaccination areas, waiting areas to ensure strict 5K regulations. This is a way for the school to ensure the safety of students and parents coming to the vaccination session.

Vaccination activities are also closely held. Students are carefully screened and advised on post-injection symptoms to help students and parents take the necessary health monitoring steps. After the vaccination is completed, students are arranged in the waiting room to observe within 30 minutes according to regulations.

In the waiting room after the injection, the students were asked to sit apart, not to talk privately. In each waiting room, there are teachers and medical staff to monitor the health of the children.

The vaccination session at PennSchool was conducted in a safe order and with absolute distance. After two vaccinations, the school also hopes to soon welcome the students back to school.