Pennschool Summer camps 2022: Experiencing to the fullest

Summer 2022 is approaching, let’s get ready for a summer of experiencing and discovering new things at the Pennschool summer camps.

“What extracurricular activities in the summer should my children participate in and where?

How to make my children’s summer meaningful, entertaining, learning, and playing while still being safe?”

These are probably the questions that make many parents wonder as the school year comes to an end and summer approaches!

TDA Talent Development Academy launches summer camp with exciting courses in many interesting fields such as Science and Technology, Business and Entrepreneurship, Art, Space Science, Computer Science.

SUMMER CAMP TDA 2022 for students from 6-12 years old is not only a stimulating summer program for students to learn thousands of interesting things but also a new playground for students to freely create and explore their own passion and talent. Here, students will have the opportunity to reveal their talents and find out the type of intelligence that they dominate, thereby having learning orientations that match their abilities and expectations on the journey to conquer knowledge in the future.

Detailed information about the course:

  • Course duration: 6 weeks
  •  Expected opening schedule: June 13, 2022

Hotline: 0902 999 644 – (028) 710 258 58