The new school year 2021 – 2022 has begun with improvement and innovation in our learning and teaching methods. WASS/PennSchool teachers have participated in our Professional Development Training Week, which aims to enhance and exchange experience among teachers for the new school year.

Improving teaching quality and pedagogical professionalism in our teachers has always been one of the top priorities of the Indochina International Education Development Group. Professional Development Training Week for the New School Year is an annual event, which is organised by webinar, with the participation of The Board of Principals, all TAs, and Vietnamese/Foreign teachers.

At the training session, teachers have been updated with the latest information about school culture and the educational pathway that will be implemented in the new school year. New applications and software have been updated to support the teaching process, and disseminate the new policies and regulations at WASS/PennSchool.

To best prepare for the new school year’s theme “Embrace Flexibility and Innovation”, all teachers at WASS/PennSchool are making great efforts to improve their teaching methods and adapt to the changes of the current situation. Our teachers constantly update to contemporary trends and apply technological innovations in teaching, with the goal of being able to adapt effectively to online teaching platforms.

With well-prepared and vivid lesson plans, combined with practical and interesting activities, our teachers promise to bring the most exciting and valuable lessons to their students. Regardless of any circumstances, all teachers at WASS/PennSchool are always full of enthusiasm to spread the fire of passion and positive spirit to our students.

Thereby, helping them maintain a positive outlook during difficult times, and maintain their interest in the journey of finding knowledge.

One more special thing, for the best preparation for any possible situation, all teachers and staff of our school have been vaccinated with their first dose of COVID 19 vaccine. Our teachers guarantee the best help to accompany our students in the new school year. In addition, our teachers are always ready to return to face-to-face teaching if the pandemic changes positively.