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Potential candidates for the House Captain 

The race to find candidates for the House Captain has turned to the final round. Candidates have shown many intentions and contributions when becoming the “House captain”.

With this position, the chosen students will represent their House to support Counselors  in communicating relevant news/activities, clarifying the procedures to follow these events and others. The House captain will also be the person who connects between the teachers and members; coordinates activities, and motivates members to participate in school events.

Each candidate shows their own strengths and determination to apply for this position. They also shared their intentions and responsibilities in this role.

“To be able to help the students of PENN grow, and reach new heights is nothing but a pleasure, as well as a desire I will fulfill if I become Head. The school has accomplished many things over the years, it has established new events, and prioritized the students development more than anything. The chance of being able to take part in the school’s campaign is one of the many benefits. I hope to support my House in ways that only the leader of the house can support. I want to encourage the students to participate in competitions, to learn, uncover things that they will come to love and enjoy. I wish to grant them opportunities that the school has so often gifted me. Not only will this help their future, but also create a more gratifying school experience. Personally, I believe a leader has to be self-aware, inquisitive, innovative, supportive, fair, have motivational skills, and most importantly is the ability to prioritize the development of others”.

– Nguyen Chau Anh – ADP 9 – Aqua House Candidate

With Tran Quang – B9, the candidate for the House Captain of Ignis, the decision of applying starts from the passion with his House. 

“I believe that this is a huge opportunity for me to polish my skills as a leader and become a responsible and reliable student. I want to face more challenges and practice operating a huge group of people, as it will be one of the most useful tools for me to succeed in the future. Furthermore, I have a passion to motivate and help people in need, where everyone glows together, and on one is left aside. I even love the symbol of fire, when it represents nothing but vigorous passion and desire, and at this point, I know Ignis is the perfect fit for me.

After a swift study on what Ignis represents, I understand that Ignis values ​​hard work and hustle, where teamwork is the core of everything, and we hate such things as laziness and egotism. I understand that Ignis needs a leader who can put everything on their shoulders and give their comrades motivation every time they need it. That being said, I believe that I can hold that responsibility and together with my housemates become an unstoppable force”.

– Tran Quang – B9 – Ignis House Candidate

Each candidate has previous experience in leadership roles. These are important experiences that demonstrate their abilities and help them to lead members effectively in the future.

“In order to maximize my potential as a leader, I ought to have self-awareness of knowing and perceiving both my strengths and flaws.

In my team, I will respect everybody. I know their individual talents regardless of being or wrong since I know each individual traits right in background, in personality. Taking time to assist my team through obstacles isn’t a big deal to me. Besides, I’m willing to listen and become a trust-worthy person for everyone who is in need of a reliable shoulder. There will be ones who are doubtful about their ability in a certain area, I’m strongly confident that we, as a team, will work wisely together regarding the strong, sympathetic bond that Terra members have”.

– Le Ngoc Bao Dan – B9 – Terra House Candidate

The promise of the leaders will always accompany what the House Captain will do during his tenure.

“I believe confidently that my leadership skills can raise our team spirits, make Ventus become the place for each of us where we can share our interests, and use others as a sounding board like a family… Ventus is not just the place for educational competitions, we are not just staying here to find victory, we stay here because it is our second house. If I am the house leader, I promise that I will try my best to turn Ventus to a place where no one feels that they are not as comparable as others. I promise that I always respect and listen to the opinions of everyone in the team, I will never disregard these ideas. I and you, not only me, will be the ones that choose that best idea because I am your leader, your friend, your family, but not your boss”.

– Dang Gia Han – ADP 11B – Ventus House Candidate


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” – John Maxwell

Let’s look forward to the House Captain and build the PennSchool community cohesively!