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Ready for the upcoming journey

PennSchool seemed to be silent when no one came to school after a long time. However everything has changed when students from grades 6 to 12 are vaccinated, the journey back to school becomes easier.

On December 13, PennSchool as schools in Ho Chi Minh City, officially welcomed students in grade 9th and 12th back to school. The online semester has created difficulties for students, and going back to school will give them more confidence to consolidate their knowledge. The emotions of everyone seem to be complex, especially for students in grade 9 – the last grade of secondary school.

When getting  the information about going back to school, each student has their own feelings. With Tran Nguyen Viet Ha, the student in class B9, “when I received this information, I felt very happy and satisfied. The first thing I did after receiving this notice was to rearrange my bag and notebooks, and prepare uniforms.”

And when the day back to school has come, PennSchool’s teachers and students are all excited. With Ms. Nguyen Thi My My, the familiar scene with familiar but strange faces of students after online lessons appeared with many emotions.

“Although schools and teachers have prepared to provide quality online lectures, there are some difficulties and invisible pressures when teaching on online platforms… Today, on the first day back to school, everyone felt happy even though we just looked together through a mask. No need for any words, everyone can recognize each other through small actions.

Also in this atmosphere, the students seem to have the same emotions.

“I still remember the first day when I returned to school, I was very worried and excited when I met my beloved friends and teachers. Standing in front of the school yard, the memories of the time when I was in grade 8 suddenly rushed into my mind. Those were unforgettable days. My school is still standing there, the scenery has not changed much. In addition, the school has prepared to prevent epidemics such as setting up disinfectant machines, measuring body temperature and making medical declarations. We were also guided by teachers when the school had F0 students and always reminded us to affirm the 5K principle.

– Nguyen Le Bao Ngoc -B9

It has been more than 210 days without going to school to meet teachers, students must be worried about their learning process. Back to school has created a significant motivation for them to study more effectively.

“I personally made a lot of new friends, and the lessons were much more engaging when everyone could talk and interact with each other in person. The teachers were able to come to each student’s desk, helping those who are struggling with assignments and explaining to them in a conscientious manner that was hardly viable in online learning. The students were also able to discuss and participate in group activities directly, which vastly increased the learning productivity”.

– Hoang Tran Binh Minh – ADP 9

After a long break from the pandemic, in order to ensure that the students’ learning is effective, the teachers have had some adjustments to consolidate the knowledge in online lessons and supplement their new ones.

“After going back to school for a long time, most students will feel strange. Therefore, PennSchool teachers have had some preparations to support students after the epidemic break. As a teacher, it is essential to listen to students’ concerns and empathize with them. Before teaching new knowledge, teachers will take the time to check their students’ previous studying. Students may have difficulty concentrating or need more time to return to their study routine. Teachers will give opportunities for them to socialize, have fun and interact with peers with school safety procedures. Teachers need to create a safe and comfortable classroom. This allows students to freely express their creative ideas, and provide suggestions for them to work in small groups so they can support each other. For students who have the problems to follow, teachers will open extra classes after school hours or assign more homework to supplement their knowledge. At the same time, teachers also discuss with parents about their learning situation to help students progress and keep up with lessons. Finally, teachers need to remind students to protect their physical and mental health by maintaining healthy habits, resting, exercising, connecting with family, friends to maintain an optimistic and happy spirit to help us study more effectively”.

– Teacher Le Vo Thuy Linh

After 2 weeks of face-to-face teaching trial, PennSchool hopes to welcome all students back to school to participate in interesting lessons and exciting activities.