The Psychological Counselling program at PennSchool

In the school year 2021-2022, PennSchool’s students and teachers can share and receive valuable advice from psychological experts to relieve the stress and pressure through the Psychological Counselling program.

School counselling activities to support students and teachers to overcome difficulties in learning and teaching at school are still limited. It creates the lack of channels for students to interact and get psychological support when needed.

Currently, accompany the development of society, psychology, and the ability to properly orient students at this age are still limited. As a consequence, it causes the wrong decisions and actions which lead to unexpected issues. In addition, regular facing too much pressure in school, family, friends and society can also cause harm for students’ psychology. Therefore, school counselling activities are really important and essential, not only for our students, but also teachers, staff and Parents.

Implementing school counselling can remove students’ issues and problems in life as well as learning, creating a premise to maximize their potential, develop skills, talents, and personality. With school counselling, teachers can easily approach and communicate with students, in necessary cases, teachers can intervene and take care of students’ psychological health in a timely manner.

Aware of the importance and urgency, in the school year 2021-2022, PennSchool has implemented the Psychological Counselling program led by counselors specializing in Educational Psychology. The program also receives the support from other experts, providing extensive advice in monitoring the psychology of our students.

PennSchool’s students can receive timely support thanks to individual counselling sessions on psychology, emotions, adaptability in educational environment, anxiety, friendship, gender issues, personal conflicts and puberty crises.

Every month, Eagles participate in a thematic topic to discuss according to their age. In this session, students will be sharing issues related to psychology of school age, answering, consulting and counselling. Besides, personal skill classes are also deployed on Social – Emotional issues topics during the school year.

Students, Teachers and Parents can register and receive counselling at anytime via this link.