To my heroic woman

Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10 is a special day for PennSchool’s students to express their feelings and gratefulness to their beloved woman. In addition to the meaningful gifts, the students also wanted to express their feelings and gratefulness to their Mother, because there are always a special place in their hearts for their heroic Mother.

Let’s take a look at the lovely sentiments of PennSchool’s students on this special day!

“Since I was born, I have been protected by the embracing love of my parents. For me, family is a huge motivation that grows me up day by day. Perhaps the one who always loves and takes care of me the most is my Mother.

“Mom” is really sacred and noble to each of us. There is the one and only Mom in the world, who has been pregnant for over nine months and has had many difficulties raising me up. My Mom is heroic, always helps and encourages me whenever I feel depressed. Although she did not say anything, I know that she loves me most and is willing to give everything to me. In life, she is also a teacher who taught me good things, how to live humbly, how to take care and share with unfortunate people… Those lessons gradually nurtured my soul, grew me up day by day so that I could step out into the world and become a useful person. Furthermore, she is my special friend as well, who is always willing to listen to my sharing about all kinds of teenage issues.

On this special day, 20/10, there are no words that can fully express the respect, love, and affection I have for my Mother. I would like to send sincere thanks to her, for giving birth and raising me up. I wish you health and happy Vietnamese Women’s Day.”

– Bui Minh Triet – B6B

“So many hard days

For my glory growth

Doubt I lack of those

Afraid my hard works

The fear I not as you

Hundred worry things

The full bowl of rice

For my shirts my pants

Caring peaceful night

Bring me to the bright

Never let me hurt

From when I was a child

To when I mature

You bring me to hope

And to warm my heart

A childhood with you

That is my whole world”

– Huynh Nguyen Nhat Vy – B10

“My mom has always been there ever since I was born. She taught me more about life. She pointed out my mistakes, encouraged me to correct them, and taught me to apologize. She taught me to dream big and high, far and wide. My mom has taught me to appreciate the present and my loved ones. Because time cannot be turned back, all that can be done instead is to feel regret…I pray for my family, for my mom, to be here with me like she has always been. Because I still want to hear her lessons, I still have a lot of things to tell her, I still want to hold her hands and watch her sing. Because without my mom, I am incomplete, for she has always been a part of my life.”

– Pham Nguyen Nghi Dung – ADP11A