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Welcome home Eagles!

After a long time of social distancing, PennSchool has officially welcomed Eagles back to school since December 13, 2021.

Y9 Eagles could not hide their excitement and eagerness when they returned to school and met their teachers as well as friends at school. Instead of handshakes and affectionate hugs, they express the cheerfulness and joy through their eyes, hand waving and the smiles behind masks.

It has been a long time since PennSchool could welcome students to learn directly at school. Dynamic and joyful atmosphere with bustling laughs has been back in the classrooms. Eagles now are able to talk and discuss directly with their friends and teachers. It is a great motivation which helps students come to school every day full of energy.

Face-to-face learning methods also bring many positive and optimal benefits in the process of growth and development. Students can receive timely support and guidance from teachers. The immediate comments and feedback from teachers will bring the best effect to their learning process.

After-class and club activities are a great opportunity for students so that they can unleash their potential as well as gain many essential soft skills such as communication, critical thinking or problem solving skills. This is a chance for Eagles to create and keep beautiful and unforgettable memories in their childhood. In addition, PennSchool is also fully equipped with supporting devices to continue implementing an online learning program for WASSers who cannot return to school at this time, ensuring their learning process.

The safety and health of Eagles are certainly our top priority. PennSchool always  takes measurements to ensure health safety and COVID prevention. Many equipment were set up to support temperature checking and disinfection methods. All activities on campus must strictly follow 5K regulations and the guidance from the Ministry of Health. PennSchool’s medical staff has completed training and always be ready in order to timely solve accidental situations.

Eagles are also conscious to keep distance and accept the temperature checking, thoroughly washing their hands to the instructions of medical staff. The school hopes that all students continue to follow medical procedures to ensure health and wellbeing of themselves and the surrounding community.

Finally, thank you to all parents and Eagles who have always supported, stood side by side and cooperated wholeheartedly with PennSchool over the past few months. The school is committed to providing the students with a safe learning environment, so that one day all Eagles will be back to school. Thereby, providing students with modern and dynamic learning experiences which contribute to the comprehensive development of WASSers.

Thank you and Welcome back, EAGLES!