Learning Support

The Learning Support program at PennSchool is designed for students who need additional assistance in the classroom. This may be students who cannot achieve their potential due to their inability to fully understand the English language, or are struggling with the content in their subjects. The school will offer support services (Peer Tutors, Cross-Age Tutoring, Teacher Tutoring) to help students improve their school performance. The Learning Support team works closely with each family to ensure that students thrive both in and outside of the classroom.

Library Program

At PennSchool, the students are encouraged to read and the school library has a multilingual library stocked with thousands of books in English, Vietnamese and other languages. All students have structured library classes with the library teacher, and are allowed to check out materials regularly.

The goal of the library program is to foster in students a love of reading and an enthusiastic approach to the process of information literacy. We strive to develop students who are information literate, ethical and independent learners. Students are introduced to various genres of literature during library visits. Students learn information literacy skills in their regular weekly library classes and in additional scheduled classes (reading circle/ reading guided/ shared reading) to support research projects throughout the year.

Writing Center

Writing plays a very important role in the K-12 curriculum. Students are required to produce short and extended narratives, arguments, and informative papers in every subject.
The Writing Center serves all students from K to 12 with any form of writing; whether it be creative writing or academic writing. Students will learn how to apply the writing across the curriculum, APA citation approach, and the process approach to writing (brainstorm, draft, revise, edit, share—in a recursive process).

Each student must submit at least one work per week in a specific subject and participate in peer-assessment activities. The writing work is submitted online and it will be assessed by a peer and writing instructor. It facilitates the collaboration between peers and develops interdisciplinary thinking and writing skills.