High School

American Pennsylvania High School (Grades 9th to 12th) provides a well-balanced American curriculum and extra-curricular in a dynamic learning environment, which helps the student meet the academic, athletic, social, artistic, and technological challenges of higher education.

The academic program is authorized by the Greenville Area District School Board (Pennsylvania, USA). The Curriculum is administered by the Greenville Area School District according to the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards, which are closely aligned with the National Common Core (about 85%), with a few adjustments made to better fit the needs of Pennsylvania students.

This is a rigorous and challenging program that encourages critical thinking, intellectually stimulating, promoting well-rounded, inquiring, knowledgeable, compassionate, and global-minded students that creatively and handling the pressures of multiple concurrent deadlines. Students in PennSchool have the opportunity to join in a variety of extracurricular activities to develop students’ talents, interests, leadership skills, and community involvement. PennSchool endeavors to graduate students who will be future leaders, lifelong learners, and positive contributors to society.


The International – American Program focuses on the Core Subjects, and the Specialist Subjects taught in English, which is licensed by the Greenville Area District School Board (Pennsylvania, USA). Students who meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education graduation requirements will be awarded the American Diploma, degreed by Greenville High School (Pennsylvania, USA) with a recognized qualification at all schools in the US, Australia, Canada, and other English schools worldwide.


The Bilingual – American Program focuses on the American Core Subjects, taught in English, and the combination between the American Specialist Subjects and the MoET Curriculum taught in Vietnamese. Bilingual students can choose to transfer to the American Diploma Pathway to receive the Greenville High School Diploma (Pennsylvania, USA), continue studying the Bilingual program, and receive the MoET Diploma and participate in English competency tests like IELTS, SAT, and ACT.


Year 9

  • College Prep English Grade 9
  • World History
  • Keystone Biology
  • Foundation of Algebra
  • PE
  • Art I
  • Vietnamese
  • Manufacturing System
  • Band 9

Year 10

  • GHS English I
  • GHS US History I
  • Gerenal Science I
  • GHS Algebra I (or equivalent) *
  • PE
  • French
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Band 10
  • Academic Support 10

Year 11

  • GHS English II*
  • GHS US History II
  • GHS Biology *
  • GHS Geometry/
    GHS General Science
  • PE
  • Engineering and Design
  • Academic Support 11
  • Community Service

Year 12

  • GHS English III
  • GHS US Government
  • GHS Algebra II
  • Ceramic I
  • Academic Support 12
  • Yearbook Journalism


American Program Authorization

Various co-curricular activities

Experiential Learning Service

Effective Learning Support

A high standard of teaching and caring teachers

Competitive Athletics Program

Adaptive Literacy Program

Developing interdisciplinary thinking with exclusive Reading Program

Experimental Practical Learning Trips

School-Based Health Care

Healthy Food Catering

Inclusive and cohesive school community