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Easter Day 2022

08:20 - 15:30
4 Nguyen Thong St., Vo Thi Sau Ward, Dist. 03 10 Ba Tháng Hai St., Ward 12, Dist. 10

Goals & Objectives

Easter Day is known as an important holiday of Christians. It was also the spring festival for a long time ago.  Spring is also the season which is symbol of the development and vitality.
Easter Day are yearly activities which is organized at PennSchool, helps students to find out its meaning.


Over 1.000 students will participate in.


Basing on grade levels, students will participate in different activities.

With students in primary school: 

  • Egg hunt: Teachers will hide plastic eggs around the class, students will find out at least 1 egg, then decorates it with colors.
  • Egg-experiment: Students will be divided in many groups (4-5 students for each group) to color eggs.
  • Bunny mask making: Students will be guided to make simple rabbit masks.
  • The Bunny Parade: Students will wear masquerade costumes following the event’s topic. Then, each class will go around the campus.

With students in secondary school: 

  • Egg Hunt: Teachers will hide plastic eggs around the campus, students will find out at least 2 eggs, then decorates it with colors.
  • Egg the Bath Bomb: Students will be guided to make bath bomb from baking soda.
  • Guessing word: Each class is divided to 2 groups. Each group prepares 10 words relating the Easter Day, and show for a member of other team. This member has to describe for his/ her team to guess these words.

Event Sumary

Colorful eggs and lovely bunny costumes are the main theme at PennSchool on Easter Day this year.

Easter Day is one of the most important traditional occasions in Western culture, especially for Christians. Happened in late March or early April, Easter is also a “welcoming-Spring” festival, which is a symbol of budding and expressing the “revival” after a long Winter.

An integral part of the traditional Easter is finding and decorating eggs which were scattered throughout classrooms and campus. The egg decoration also brings many different auspicious meanings, depending on what colors the eggs are. Red symbolizes good luck, Blue represents hope, Yellow expresses wisdom, or Orange shows power.

In addition to being “explorers” to hunt eggs, Eagles also participated in a creative festival with many exciting and thrilling activities. There were the Egg-periment for dyeing eggs, observing interesting chemical interactions in Egg the Bath Bomb, joining a fun carnaval or designing bunny masks.

Participating in typical activities of prominent holidays around the world is a great opportunity for Eagles to better understand the traditional culture in different countries, aiming to become global citizens, confidently integrating with the world.

PennSchool wishes all House of Eagles members and family a happy, joyful, and meaningful Easter.


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