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Pennschool provides high-quality academic programs integrated with prestigious American educational programs in a comprehensive bilingual environment, preparing students with the optimal foundation to become talented and confident global leaders in the future.


PennSchool has rolling enrollment throughout the year at all grades and the Admissions Team will provide a supportive and experience which help parents to have the best decisions.

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3 Weeks Exploring the United States
Perfect Gear and Launchpad

(For students aged 13 - 18)

There are 50 students registered

The beautiful cities

You will get to visit

Grove City, Pennsylvania
Washington, D.C.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cleveland, Ohio
Youngstown, Ohio
Greenville, Pennsylvania

Why should you be part of the

American Camp 2024?

Visiting numerous
famous landmarks
with a combined '2 in 1' journey, which allows students to both study and travel simultaneously
Enhancing language proficiency
by simultaneously improving academic English and strengthening communication skills
Researching multiple
prestigious universities
to add to the 'scope' for future study abroad plans
Personal development
through the accumulation of knowledge and the enhancement of soft skills
Enriching one's life experiences
with diverse extracurricular activities such as hiking, horseback riding, waterfall rappelling, team building, etc.
Accumulating an extensive collection of visas
to enhance the likelihood of successfully obtaining a study abroad visa in the future


learning moments

It was such an amazing trip! it was so exciting to see so many places with my friends, we learned and played a lot. Unfortunately, we could only go for 3 weeks!! This was the first time I traveled without my parents, but I was not afraid at all! Thanks so much, ISA team.

Huynh Nguyen Anh Khoa (15 years old)

Because I was the youngest in the group, I was adored by the other students and teachers. It was far from home but I didn't feel lonely at all. I learned a lot of awesome things in America! I will definitely study hard to make sure I come back here to study abroad.

Pham Anh Thu (13 years old)

I plan to go to university in the United States, and after learning about ISA's summer study abroad program, my parents registered me to join. After the trip, I was even more certain of my decision. Thank you to the ISA team for their enthusiasm in helping me so much, despite the fact that my visa was kind of difficult to get.

Tran Dinh Phuoc (16 years old)

Itinerary of discovering

the U.S. in 3 weeks
(10/06 - 29/06/2024)


– Arrive in Pennsylvania
– Check in at the dorm


– Class: U.S. Culture
– Get-to-Know activity

– Visit the Walmart
– Welcome Party


– Class: Astronomy: Reading the Night Sky
– Visit the Westminster Planetarium


– Class: Natural Science
– Visit the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


– Class: STEAM
– Activity: STEAM Project


Trip to Cleveland, Ohio
– Visit the Edgewater Park
– Picnic
– Visit the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame
– Visit the Great Lakes Science Center
– Travel back to Greenville
– Pizza Party


Campus Tours:
– University of Pittsburgh
– Carnegie Mellon University


– Visit the Presque Isle State Park (Picnic)


– Class: Biology – Local Wildlife
– Visit the Keystone Safari


– Tour at Ohio Farm


– Class: Debate
– Activity: Debate 


– Class: U.S. Government: Law
– Visit the Mercer County Courthouse (Mock Trial)


– Class: Cooking
– Activity: Cooking Competition


– Campus Tour at Gannon University


Visit the Grove City Premium Outlet


– Class: Culture:
All About U.S. High Schools
– Activity: Writing
– Farewell & certification


Visit to:
– The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
– The National Air and Space Museum


Visit to:
– The White House (exterior only)
– The Washington Monument
– The Vietnam Memorial Park
– The Lincoln Memorial
– The National Museum of American History


Visit to:
– The Library of Congress
– The Supreme Court Building
– The U.S. Capitol Building
– The National Museum of Natural History

Friday - Saturday

Flight Back Home

Reasons why you should not miss the

PennSchool's American Camp 2024

Accompanied throughout the trip by Vietnamese delegation managers
Guided and trained for visa interviews with the highest success rate
Received comprehensive training on safety and preparation before officially taking off
Offers to those who register beore March 31, 2024
Up to
10,000,000 VND

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