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Robotacon – Experience journey to create beautiful friendship

Each competition is a journey which students have a chance to study from. Even though Robotacon competition has finished, the amazing emotion of #HomeOfTheEagles still exist. 

With the passion in science and technology, even though being nervous, #HomeOfTheEagles is still confident to participate in this competition. 

“STEM has been one of my favorite fields for a long time. With me, the world is so large with many mysteries. Therefore I always would like to discover and that would be great if I can explore them by myself. Robot, which is an artificial technology that the human develop, is one of my concerns recently.

… I really love joining in the Robotic competition. Because this is a fair playground and requires participants to have knowledge in coding, controlling and making robots. With a person who does not know much about robots, the competition is a place for me to get more knowledge and learn from friends. 

Nguyen Tan Hung VAP – 8A

Besides passion, some students join this because of their curiosity like Nguyen Quoc Tan Loc – VAP 9A.

“For me, science and technology are magical worlds where I can discover new things and myself. Therefore I choose to take part in this competition to have a chance to discover them…  The scene of the challenge room looks like a battlefield, because all participants expect to win”.

Through the time of preparation and contest participation, #HomeOfTheEagles have many interesting experiences, including difficulties and challenges. 

“We found many amazing experiences through this journey. Sometimes, we also had disagreements about our views, ideas and misunderstanding each other. However these will be our unforgettable memories in the student’s life. 

To have the best result, we had to spend a lot of time sitting and sharing point of views together. There were also some conflicts at this time. Therefore we decided to spend time listening to every members’ ideas and ask for our teacher’s support. Finally, we have found out the similar goal to complete our robot as well as the detailed plan. 

I could not forget the after school time,  when we met each other and performed this project together. This was the process from assemble details, changed many times before creating the final robot. Then we started coding and testing”.  

Luu Ngoc Diep – VAP 9A

But it does not mean that difficulties will make students  give up. These will create “the heroes” and make them study how to cope with these difficulties. 

“With the point of view “Failure is the mother of success”, my team still never gives up even though sometimes we have been discouraged. Because we have prepared and established a plan before deciding to participate in this competition. Finally we were so happy when our product was completed as our plan”.

Nguyen Quoc Tan Loc – VAP 9A

In this contest, whatever the result is, #HomeOfTheEagles also build their friendship when they can overcome difficulties together.   

“My team has 4 members, including, Thai Bao, Tan Hung, Khanh Anh and me. Each person has a private personality but we all love this competition.

To satisfy the contest’s requirement, we decided to divide into 2 teams. In my group, Thai Bao’s skill is quite suitable with me and we often spend time together therefore I really expect that we will be a team. Luckily, in the technology class, my teacher has accepted for us to become a team… Even though we failed in this competition, we feel fine because this is the first time we participated in this contest. We also expect to cooperate next time. In the next competition, we will join continuously. I am so happy with my teammate – Mr. Bao, a friend who often listens and respects my ideas.” 

Lam Kien Hung – VAP 8A

PennSchool brings many experiences for students. They will have the chance to participate in many competitions on and off-campus to find out their potential and learn from others. This will be the luggage to develop themselves and ready to conquer the new journey in the future.

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