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The Journey to 13 Prestigious Universities in the United States

Nội dung bài viết

    31 billion VND is the total scholarship that Le Nguyen Gia Han received when successfully conquering 13 universities in the U.S.

    To achieve this outstanding achievement, Gia Han built her goals, exerted relentless effort in studying, and actively participated in activities from the early years of high school. Not only did she achieve an impressive SAT score of 1320/1600 and an IELTS score of 7.0, but another contributing factor to Gia Han’s reception of numerous scholarships from prestigious universities is her dynamism and active involvement in social activities both inside and outside PennSchool. One notable example is volunteering on the Bali Charity Trip, where she gained a deeper understanding of the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development, joining in the “Christmas is Coming to B’Lao Charity Trip,” engaging in activities such as donating 30 wool towels, earning 5 million VND for the Loc Thanh nursing home, successfully raising approximately 9.6 million VND for the Tin Thac Shelter at Bao Loc in Lam Dong Province, volunteering at Children’s Hospital 1 where she guided patients into the diagnostic area, organizing exchange activities for over 100 pediatric patients, and other social activities.

    In addition to the above achievements, Gia Han also has her own secrets to success, which have led to her receiving early invitation letters and scholarships from prestigious universities.

    “Beverly Sills once said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” 

    Embarking on the journey to secure admissions to top-tier universities in the United States was a daunting yet exhilarating experience. From meticulous planning to the overwhelming emotions of receiving multiple scholarship offers, every step of the way was a testament to the dedication, perseverance, and unwavering support of my peers.

    It all began with laying the groundwork during my junior year, a time when many of my peers had already set their sights on higher education. Despite feeling a bit behind, I immersed myself in the rigorous preparation process, determined to make up for lost time. Focused on obtaining essential certifications such as IELTS, SAT, and AP exams, I also delved deep into researching the specific requirements of each university and the academic programs I aspired to attend. This early groundwork proved invaluable as I navigated through the application process.

    Balancing academic pursuits with extracurricular activities became the second most important as I strived to demonstrate not only my academic prowess but also my diverse interests and talents. Maintaining a  good GPA while actively participating in various extracurricular activities allowed me to present a well-rounded profile to Admissions Committees.

    The culmination of months of hard work and dedication came with the submission of applications and scholarship essays. I meticulously crafted each essay, pouring my heart and soul into articulating my aspirations, achievements, and personal journey. As application deadlines approached, the support and encouragement from my peers at PennSchool became a guiding light, motivating me to push through any doubts or uncertainties.

    The moment I received my first acceptance letter was surreal, validating the countless hours invested in pursuit of my dreams. However, nothing could prepare me for the overwhelming flood of emotions that followed as I received acceptance letters and scholarship offers from not just one, but thirteen prestigious universities in a day.

    Each acceptance was a testament to my dedication and perseverance, while each scholarship offer was a validation of my potential and worth. Reflecting on this remarkable journey, I am filled with gratitude for the unwavering support of my peers and mentors, whose encouragement propelled me forward even in the face of uncertainty.

    As I prepare to embark on this new chapter of my academic journey, I am filled with excitement and anticipation, eager to seize the opportunities that lie ahead at one of the thirteen esteemed universities that have welcomed me with open arms.”

    Amidst these numerous choices, Gia Han is undoubtedly taking her time to carefully consider before choosing a suitable university. We hope that this talented girl will find her path for the next journey and successfully conquer new academic milestones.

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