Letter from School Board

Welcome to Pennsylvania American International School (PennSchool)!

In the Academic year 2021-2022, PennSchool offers the American International Program (AIP) and Vietnamese American Bilingual Program, licensed by the Greenville Area District School Board (Pennsylvania, U.S.A). Students who meet the graduation requirements of the program will be awarded a diploma from Greenville High School, which is authorized by the Greenville Area District School Board. We are committed to delivering quality learning, underpinned by U.S.A values together with a deep appreciation of the Vietnamese culture.

In PennSchool, each school day comes packed with hands-on learning opportunities in literacy and language development, mathematics, science, social studies, and also art, music, physical education and technologies, taught by specialist teachers.

Our high expectations for each student’s learning are well-matched with an environment of caring and support and can be best described as a student-centered approach to learning.
We intentionally nurture students in an inclusive school environment, challenge them to strive for personal excellence through exploration of their passions, and maximize their ability through innovative and enriched co-curricular programs to prepare students for the future to thrive in our ever-changing world.

We warmly invite you to be an active and engaged member of the PennSchool.

We welcome you to the journey ahead!

Leadership Team