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Conquered the Golden Bell Challenge

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    The Golden Bell Challenge with the theme “Le Tour de France” was organized for Grades 7-8 students with many memorable experiences.

    The Golden Bell Challenge is a useful playground for Home of the Eagles who love French – a romantic language and want to challenge themselves with this subject’s knowledge. The contest also helped students to review their knowledge before starting the test in the next 3rd quarter. After the preliminary round, the BOD had chosen 100 students to participate in the final round. In the last round, Home of the Eagles together passed 27 questions before finding the final winners.

    The top 5 students had many different emotions through the contest. “When I participated in the final round, I was quite worried because my competitors who also are students in grade 8. When the competition took place, everyone was very excited in the booming atmosphere which made me forget my initial worries.

    When every student tried their best to win, I also told myself to be harder and harder. I tried to focus on the contest, listened carefully to the guideline and enjoyed the atmosphere. Truong Lam – IAP 7A

    With Nguyen Minh Tri Tam, class VAP-7A, participating in the contest helped him to have many memorable experiences as well as a little regret when he couldn’t get the first prize.

    “The contest was not too difficult but over 15 students were eliminated in the 5th question because of their carelessness. The atmosphere became serious, and I just heard the sound of fans and MCs’ speaking. Unfortunately after 8 questions, I had to stop the contest. This was a tough question relating to the Ratatouille movie. Now, I had to wait until the rescue round. But when all the students in my class had to move out of the arena, I was really nervous. After the rescue round, all students had come back to the contest. The serious atmosphere appeared when 5 students could not pass the second question. However, when the level of questions increased, the number of students in the arena also declined. Finally, After the 17th question about French history, BOD had found out the winners.

    I achieved TOP 5 winners. I was so satisfied with this result even though I cannot become the first one. The competition was successful in creating a positive environment to encourage us to enlarge our knowledge on our own.”

    With Bui Pham Hai San, class IAP – 7A – the 1st prize student, this result surprised her. 

    “I really had a great time with my friends through the Golden bell challenge. The contest helps us not only gain more useful knowledge, but also improves our confidence when standing in front of everyone to answer questions and show opinions. This golden bell challenge is my valuable experience. Luckily, I won the First Prize, which I never thought about before. At the moment when MC and also my homeroom teacher said that my answer was correct and I got this prize, I was incredibly surprised. A complex emotion, including happy, surprise… came to me and I felt so lucky and my efforts have finally paid off. At the moment when I received my award, it was unbelievable. 

    I hope PennSchool will continue to organize more academic competitions like this contest, and we can challenge ourselves and achieve meaningful prizes.”

    Through the activity “play to learn, learn to play”, BOD has launched questions in many fields of scientific or social life. The question level is also increased. The contest is a healthy playground to help them foster more knowledge, improve their confidence in communication and life skills. This is also an opportunity for our students to connect with each other.” – Nguyen Minh Tri Tam – VAP-7B

    Tri Tam’s though is also the goal of PennSchool to build the variety of academic experiences and help students develop comprehensively.

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