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Impressive achievements of Eagles in WSC 2022

Nội dung bài viết

    The regional round at Ho Chi Minh City of World Scholar’s Cup 2022 has been organized on June 7th and 8th with many effective experiences for #Houseofeagles. 

    After 2 days, with 8 groups in 3 different divisions, #Houseofeagles has shown their abilities in both personal and team competitions in WSC.

    World Scholar’s Cup is an international academic program for students from 8-18 years old. Each year, the competition attracts thousands of students in over 60 countries to participate in. World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is also the biggest international academic competition for high school students to show their talents. 

    With the theme “A World Re-Renewed”, #Houseofeagles has an opportunity to challenge themselves in 6 academic fields, including: 

    – Special Area – Mistakes & Recoveries

    – Science & Technology – To Edit a Planet 

    – History – The History of Succession 

    – Social Studies – Out with the Old 

    – Art & Music – Second Chances, Second Glances

    – Literature & Media – Reboots, Sequels, and Reconsideration 

    In the team challenge, #Houseofeagles can choose 4 different challenges:

    – Scholar’s Challenge: Students can choose many answers for a question. However, students will get the highest score if they answer correctly with the least answers. 

    – Collaborative Writing: Students show their point of views relating to 6 academic fields of WSC. 

    Team Debate: Each team will have a chance to debate 3 times with different topics. After 15 minutes of preparing, each member will have 4 minutes to present. 

    – Scholar’s Bowl: Each team has to answer questions which offer the analyzing skills and critical thinking skills with the increase of difficult levels in a limited time. 

    Congratulations #Houseofeagles to achieve the high awards in the regional round of WSC. The variety of knowledge in many fields have helped students to get many medals and cups at WSC. This is also the opportunity for us to get experiences in the international competitions. Awards that they got also give them many chances to adapt with the international environment in the future. Besides, the regional round also helps them to prepare for the upcoming rounds. 

    With this achievement, students will turn to the  global round in next months. And the Tournament of Champions will be organized next November at Yale University. Wish all of you to achieve high awards in next rounds.

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