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Inspiration girl for the journey to spread the message of environmental protection

Nội dung bài viết

    Environmental pollution is always a hot topic which offers everyone to act and change this. 

    To encourage everyone to protect the environment, the Cuckoo Clean-ups project has been established. The project gives many meaningful messages to increase students’ awareness about the environmental pollution issues, and to develop a sustainable future. Phan Song Thuong ADP10, with the nickname – Coco, is the founder of this project.

    “Climate change has always been a problem without a solution. We all want to put an end to it, students constantly get educated about these matters. Yet there were little to no adjustments to this matter, and over time, the topics start to fade. That is why I, a student of Pennschool, introduced Cuckoo Clean-ups where people can be part of the environment, to see the realistic visuals of the matter. In another word, education is crucial, but commitment and awareness is what encourage people to take action.

    Cuckoo Clean-ups is an organization led by students of Pennschool, aimed to promote plastic conservation. Plastic pollution can help reach the wider image of the bigger problem, habitat deduction, poisoned soil and even health risk. Since pollution is relatively connected to each other, we can observe the same outcome for other pollution. For example, air pollution results in global warming which affects the wildlife; light pollution causes the stars to no longer be visible for turtles, the extinction of turtles can damage the food chain. All these listed problems and pollution, sooner or later, human-beings will be badly affected. Most people would say “Oh, why do we need to do anything, people are going to die anyway.” Well, this is true, however, ignorance isn’t the answer.

    Take a look at the mighty nature, so promising and full of interesting things. I bet that you haven’t even seen a quarter of this Earth, not to mention further and beyond this planet. Think about all the things that you could, all the possibilities. So why waste it now? As an organization, our goal is to help you recognize the importance of the environment and how the world could be so much better with us standing side by side. By hosting clean-ups every month, our volunteers are able to see the world as it is, and a better version of what it is. So, are you ready?”

    Not only doing something big, actions to protect the environment can start with small things by maintaining good daily activities. This is also the way that Coco and her friends did for a long time to clean up many streets in Ho Chi Minh City.

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