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Operating from the school year 2020-2021, PennSchool is proud to be the ideal school for students to enhance students’ potential in an international environment.


The Pennsylvania American International School provides high-quality academic experience in a bilingual setting, that prepare citizens with integrity and commitment actively to the development of society in a globalized world.


PennSchool has rolling enrollment throughout the year at all grades and the Admissions Team will provide a supportive and experience which help parents to have the best decisions.

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PennSchool offers a wide range of support services to ensure the students’ physical and mental health, helping them to learn and experience effectively.

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The latest events and news at PennSchool will be continuously updated to provide the useful information for students and parents.

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Not only improving knowledge, PennSchool students also participate in many extra activities, helping to build essential skills for the future.

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PennSchool is proud to train the next generations who are happy learners, discover, find the joy of learning and become lifelong learners.


Messages from homeroom teachers

Studying at the new level of school is an important milestone for students, and this is especially special with Pre and Grade 5 students. 

The period of time when teachers see their students to grow up, always makes them proud and to love their job, even though the learning and experience time of them is not too long. In the graduation milestone of students, teachers will be worried for their upcoming years. 


The epidemic was a difficult time for all students, especially for pre and grade 5 students, when teachers and students had to get used to the online learning method.

“Looking back at the difficult and challenging school year 2021-2022, as others, students had to fight against the epidemic and try to complete their academics. Life always offers us to overcome difficulties to conquer challenges and improve ourselves. And the more difficulties we meet, the more grown up we are. With the flexibility and innovation, students have adapted to online learning, going to school with the 5k rule. Behind the mask, there are always smiles, because you are brave girls and boys. In the past year, you have done well! Now they are ready to say “goodbye” to the primary school to prepare to step into a new level of education.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai An – Teacher of Class B5B


For the students of Pre, seeing students’ growth also makes teachers happy.

“During the time studying at school, I can see your growth. I still remember the first time we met, you almost cried when coming to school, have no idea on how to share your point of view and everything looks so strange. In all activities, you always need my attention and support from meals, sleep to play or study, I always accompany you. However, after a short time, you have grown up and matured a lot, you are more self-conscious and have helped me alot in class activities, and are ready to enter the grade 1, enter a new world. But I hope you are always confident to welcome all new things.”

Ms. Kim Dang- Teacher of Bpre1


Before entering the new school level, the teachers also have advice for students.

“Entering to the new school level will make you have surprises and apprehensions. However, in the past school year, you have completed bravely, so I believe that you will adapt with the new environment easily. You are now more mature, I hope you will be more independent. The knowledge at the next school level will be enlarged, so I hope that you will voluntarily study, learn from teachers, classmates, friends and books, …. A new journey is opening for you to discover new knowledge. Be confident to cope with new challenges in the future. And your teachers and friends will always be with you, accompany and share with you.”

Nguyen Thi Hai An – Teacher of class B5B


Besides giving advice, teachers also would like to send their best wishes to students.

“I believe that PennSchool has equipped you with essential knowledge to enter a new school level. I always hope that you will be stronger, more confident and more mature on the next journey.

Wish you to always be healthy, obedient, study well and be happy! You will always be beautiful memories in my teaching career. I love and miss you so much.”

Ms. Kim Ngan – Teacher of class Bpre1


For grade 5 students, now they are no longer the “big brothers and sisters” in primary school but will be the “youngest” students in secondary school.

“You are lovely, smart girls and boys who always share your positive energy with friends. I hope that you will always keep your great spirit and continue to achieve more success in your next journeys of life! On the next trip, you will become the “youngest students” in secondary school. I hope you are confident to get experience and study well! I believe that you will definitely succeed in the future!”

Ms. Tran Nguyen Bich Nga – Teacher of class B5A

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