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Benefits of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

PennSchool uses the Northwest Education Association’s (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth assessment to track individual student growth during their time at the school. To have the best support for students preparing for the MAP test, teachers at PennSchool are also trained to understand the importance and benefits of the test to their students.  […]

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How have we planned for Grade 12?

One of the memorable times in our life is the time when we study at school. However, they pass over as fast as we cannot recognise them. With students in Grade 12, have you remembered the first time you went to school? I think the answer is “yes” with full of memory. And when Year […]

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To my heroic woman

Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10 is a special day for PennSchool’s students to express their feelings and gratefulness to their beloved woman. In addition to the meaningful gifts, obviously Eagles want also to express their feelings and gratefulness to their Mother. Our students always reserve a special place in their heart for their heroic Mother.  Let’s […]

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The Psychological Counselling program at PennSchool

In the school year 2021-2022, PennSchool’s students and teachers can share and receive valuable advice from psychological experts to relieve the stress and pressure through the Psychological Counselling program. School counselling activities to support students and teachers to overcome difficulties in learning and teaching at school are still limited. It creates the lack of channels […]

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Columbus Day and the journey to discover America

Recently, PennSchool learned the history of the Americas through Columbus Day. Annually, The United States and other American countries celebrate this day to remember the journey of Christopher Columbus to discover America in 1492 and the migration of Europeans to this new continent. Even though taking place online, #Houseofealges still get experience and learn about […]

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