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The journey of spreading love with Pink Shirt day 2022

Originating from a humane story at a school in Canada, when students went to school in pink to protect a bullied male student, Pink Shirt Day has become an annual activity at Pennschool, spreading the message of a loving world for students. The overwhelming pink color and the warm hugs of Eagles in the days […]

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Letter from the Board of Principals

Dear Parents and Students, Exciting, fun, experiential, and loving were the prominent keywords when the Eagles talked about their past April. Because in April, the students have the opportunity to release their abundant energy through interesting events. With the series of activities in the Pink Day event, the students spread meaningful messages to everyone. Blending […]

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Library Week

The library has always been a favorite destination at PennSchool, where students are free to explore and get knowledge. The library week has given a chance for them to fulfill their passions. Through the library week, each student has a different emotion when having an opportunity to read interesting books and find out the reading […]

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Lead to the world 4.0

The GMCC Global Mathematical Programming Competition is an innovative playground for PennSchool students to explore, research, experiment, and apply the knowledge and skills they’ve learned in programming. This is also an opportunity for them to show their passion for Programming and also an opportunity to share cultures with many students in Vietnam as well as […]

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Graduating High School is the beginning of your journey

Preparing for graduation is the most memorable time of a student’s life. It is not easy to say goodbye to teachers and friends who have been a family for a long time. The last months of the students’ life are passing, and now are the complex emotions. We are sad because there will be no […]

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