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Ready to conquer Robotacon WRO 2022 in National Round

09 teams of PennSchool have had an opportunity to participate in the national round of Robotacon Competition WRO 2022. 

There are about 200 teams with 1500 participants in Vietnam joining in the national round to find out the top team of each round which will represent Vietnam to participate in the international round in Germany next November.

Before participating in the national round in August, #HomeOfTheEagles have had a few months to practice and pass over the school round. 

“This journey started 3 months ago. I remember that it was on Thursday. Mr. Felex and Mr. Ben messaged me and asked me to join the Wro 2022 competition school round. At first, I was quite hesitant, because I was not really good at robotics at that time. However, my teammates said that it is fine, they have never made a robot with spike prime before, too. They just want to join to have experiences in a big competition. So, I decided to join. Unexpectedly, on the next day, they told me that we are going to have the competition within that afternoon. We only have 8 hours to prepare for the school round!

We hastily ran to the technology room and asked our teacher for help. He taught us everything about Spike Prime, Wro competition and our missions. Thanks to his help, we can successfully complete our robot model. We start our afternoon by remembering every detail of the robot as fast as possible. That was  a really hard task, but luckily we finally did it. By some magic, we can learn by “the speed of light”. Our fantastic day has ended with a wonderful victory”. 

Hoang Tran Binh Minh – ADP10

Even when passing the school round, the preparation for the national round also has many difficulties. This is also the feeling of Nguyen Quoc Cuong – ADP10.

“This summer, I participated in a robotics competition. It was the first time I have joined this type of competition. I met many new friends, new teachers, and new knowledge.

Robotics is a new knowledge that I have learned for 2 months. When I participated in this competition, I encountered many difficulties. However, with the help of Mr. Nguyen, I tried my best to have the best result in the competition. The whole time I’m training with my couch. Many times I want to give up because it is so difficult and hard but my teacher and my friend are always beside and encouraging me. The hardest thing I meet is when the competition happens. Our robot has a problem that makes us lose control. However, we are thinking of a way to resolve that problem and can continue participating in the competition”.

The big challenge of this competition is also the feeling of  Nguyen An Phu – ADP10. 

“We excitedly started our series of days of creating a robot and coding it in the middle of the summer, and continued until the first week of school. Before attending the competition, I simply thought that we will have to create robots and code them, that is it, however as we start to come up with the design, more and more things get involved, especially with technical problems. From choosing the best design after a ton of testing to solving the challenges that we are facing. We practiced crafting the robot for weeks, everything seems ready and we just need to wait for the competition day to come”.

The national round of Robotacon WRO 2022 has officially organized on August 21st, 2022. In the morning, #HomeOfTheEagles has prepared to represent their passion with robots. All teams have to pass over some rounds, including programming and manufacturing and controlling robots. The result will be counted through these rounds. 

“On that morning, 21 August 2022, the competition finally started… Although, under different environments of the light source, our robot responded in a different way, which took us so much time to fix we tried our best to complete the challenges with the hope of holding the trophy as a winner. ”

Nguyen An Phu – ADP10

Even though being failed, the competition is still an opportunity for #HomeOfTheEagles apply the knowledge in science, technology, design and program robots to find out the best solution. This is also the chance for teams to learn from each other in an international competition, and for teams’ members to develop essential skills in the digital era, like teamwork, problem-solving, creative or time management.  

“It is not whether you win or lose, but how much you learn that counts.” “WINNING IS NICE BUT FAILING IS PART OF OUR JOURNEY”. These lines motivated me to figure out our mistakes and try a new way for the robot. Forget the sadness, we are READY to fight for WRO 2023!”

Nguyen An Phu – ADP10

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