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The Successful Journey of 12 Scholars in Conquering the WSC 2023 Global Round

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    After triumphing in the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) 2023 National Round last April, the 12 #HomeOfTheEagles from the Junior Division continued their captivating journey to Thailand to face new challenges in the Global Round from August 24th to August 31st, 2023.

    With the previous experiences and the knowledge acquired at School, #HomeOfTheEagles confidently showed their abilities in the international competition this year.

    Through passing over the competition rounds, #HomeOfTheEagles achieved amazing successes with impressive results.

    In the Team Awards, 4 teams strived to win high rankings in team categories and won Gold and Silver medals Especially Team 352, who stood in TOP 2 and achieved a trophy from the Committee for the Team Challenge. This team was also recognized for being one of the top 20 ToC Qualifiers.

    In the Individual Awards, #HomeOfTheEagles collectively achieved 23 Gold and 16 Silver medals. Particularly, for the first time in PennSchool’s history, a student received the Jac Khor Award, which is given to the participant with the highest overall score across all 6 categories of the Scholar’s Challenge.

    We are also proud of Team 350 members who successfully conquered the Cria Scholar and Cria Top Team, recognizing the individual and team efforts of younger participants who achieved high results in the competition.

    This journey has also brought new and unique experiences for our young scholars, who had the opportunity to compete and learn from their peers in various countries around the world. Apart from the competitions, #HomeOfTheEagles also engaged themselves in enjoyable cultural exchange activities, enhancing opportunities for connections and fostering beautiful international friendships.

    The World Scholar’s Cup is a prestigious international academic competition held annually for students aged 8 – 18. This year’s international round attracted over 1,700 participants from more than 60 countries. The competition provides a platform for talented students to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge in diverse fields.

    With their valuable achievements, 3 PennSchool teams will participate in the Tournament of Champions, which will take place in November at Yale University, USA. Once again, the PennSchool community would like to express our appreciation for the efforts of our young scholars and best wishes for their continued success in the upcoming competitions.

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