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Operating from the school year 2020-2021, PennSchool is proud to be the ideal school for students to enhance students’ potential in an international environment.


Pennschool provides high-quality academic programs integrated with prestigious American educational programs in a comprehensive bilingual environment, preparing students with the optimal foundation to become talented and confident global leaders in the future.


PennSchool has rolling enrollment throughout the year at all grades and the Admissions Team will provide a supportive and experience which help parents to have the best decisions.

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PennSchool offers a wide range of support services to ensure the students’ physical and mental health, helping them to learn and experience effectively.

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The latest events and news at PennSchool will be continuously updated to provide the useful information for students and parents.

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Not only improving knowledge, PennSchool students also participate in many extra activities, helping to build essential skills for the future.

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PennSchool is proud to train the next generations who are happy learners, discover, find the joy of learning and become lifelong learners.



A Loving Message from PennSchool’s Alumni

Nội dung bài viết

    On Vietnamese Teacher’s Day, November 20, students express gratitude to the dedicated teachers who tirelessly impart valuable lessons and create beautiful memories with us. Let’s listen to the shared experiences of two former students, Tran Thoai Nhien and Tran Le Khanh Nguyen, about the wonderful memories with teachers and friends at PennSchool.

    For 12 years, school life is a period long enough for students to learn many valuable lessons, engage in meaningful activities, and cherish numerous beautiful memories with friends and teachers. For Thoai Nhien, PennSchool is not only a place for learning but also a tightly-knit community where strong bonds are formed between teachers and students. “Vietnamese Teacher’s Day at Penn School was a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of gratitude and camaraderie. The heartfelt expressions of appreciation, be it through handwritten notes or creative presentations, showcased the profound impact teachers had on our lives. It was a day of recognition that transcended academic accomplishments, delving into the realm of personal connections and mutual growth.”  – Thoai Nhien shared.

    Alongside Thoai Nhien, Khanh Nguyen shares her thoughts and memories of November 20 at PennSchool, a place filled with cherished moments with friends and teachers. Khanh Nguyen expresses “Even though I have graduated, I still remember the meaningful activities we participated in together on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. We sent our kind words of gratitude and created many memorable memories with our teachers. With deep gratitude, I will always cherish the precious memories and wonderful experiences I had at PennSchool, where I was educated and inspired every day. All of these things have become luggage for my next learning journey.”

    November 20 is not just an occasion for students to express gratitude to their teachers but also a special time to reminisce about beautiful memories of their school days. There, students can freely participate in useful activities and pursue their passions with friends and teachers.

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