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Reminiscing About Tet Away From Home

Nội dung bài viết

    For international students who celebrate Tet away from home, as the new year draws nearer, the nostalgia for family and the flavors of Vietnamese Tet dishes. Tran Le Thoai Nhien – a PennSchool alumni student in the Class of 2022 – said she deeply remembers and cherishes the precious memories she experienced with her friends and teachers at the Spring Festival. The vibrant musical performances and the special flavors of traditional dishes at the festival are the unforgettable memories that bring her joy every time she remembers the New Year’s celebrations abroad.

    “Nostalgia for Tet while being away from home evokes a flood of cherished memories from my time at PennSchool. 

    The vibrant celebrations during the Spring Festival, the delectable delights at the food fair, and the heartfelt moments spent watching Tet videos and photos created a tapestry of experiences that resonate with the spirit of Tet. 

    The echoes of laughter and joy from those celebrations remain etched in my mind, serving as a poignant reminder of the warmth and camaraderie that surrounded me during those festive times. Being away from home during Tet brought about a unique set of experiences. While the distance physically separated me from my family and familiar traditions, the sense of unity among fellow students made me feel appeased. Therefore the celebration was infused with a special charm. 

    Welcoming the new year abroad became an enriching journey, marked by cultural exchange and shared traditions.

    The fusion of diverse perspectives in ushering in the new year added depth to my understanding of global celebrations and broadened my appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures represented at PennSchool.

    The nostalgia for Tet while being away from home is not just a longing for the past, but a celebration of the enduring connections and cultural bonds formed during those memorable moments.” – Tran Le Thoai Nhien

    That was such a lot of emotion expressed in those few words of thought. Though those words could not hide the homesick feelings, the messages Thoai Nhien conveyed were so motivational and meaningful.

    The maturation and intellect within the way Thoai Nhien expressed her feelings are the true values PennSchool appreciates and nurtures. PennSchool hopes Thoai Nhien would be welcome with warm hugs and proud looks upon the day of her family reunion.

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