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Talk with Nguyen Hoang Nam – A Talented Alumnus Student of PennSchool

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    Intelligent and sharp are the adjectives with which PennSchool teachers describe Nguyen Hoang Nam – an alumnus student of Class ADP-9 for the academic year 2021 – 2022. Hoang Nam was awarded the Achievement Award in the academic year 2021 – 2022 and after he completed Grade 9, he transferred to Northland Christian School – located in Texas, US – to continue studying and fulfill his dream. After more than 2 years of studying in the United States, thanks to his diligent academic efforts and many valuable achievements, Hoang Nam became a member of the National Honors Society (GHS). In the last days of the academic year 2023 – 2024, the School had the opportunity to meet and talk with Hoang Nam when he visited PennSchool. Let’s join PennSchool to listen to Hoang Nam’s passionate sharing and learn about his journey to becoming a National Honors Society (GHS) member through the article below.

    • Hoang Nam, could you please introduce yourself, including your full name, age, the school you are attending, the field of study you are interested in, and the major you aspire to pursue in the future?

    My name is Nguyen Hoang Nam. I am 17 years old and currently attending Northland Christian School. I am most familiar with technology, and presentation. I am interested in the fields of Technology, Science, and Philosophy, and I intend to major in Technology. According to this trajectory, my professional goal is to become a Data Scientist, able to deliver presentations and present my passion while sitting next to a computer studying the esoteric lines of code language known as programming.

    • Why did you decide to join the National Honor Society?

    I joined the National Honor Society because it can provide me with a chance to succeed at higher educational institutions.

    • How important is participating in the National Honor Society to your current study path and future career?

    One of the most important requirements for college is a degree, credibility, and the “gold standard” that you show to others. Top universities also prefer to admit students with excellent academic records, such as multiple A’s or AP certificates, rather than those with multiple B’s and C’s. That is, to be honest, the reason why I joined the National Honors Society (NHS)—to accumulate certificates for my portfolio that will make schools want to admit me. It is an important step on the path to top universities.

    • To become a member of the National Honor Society, what did you prepare to pass the rigorous selection process of this organization?

    I studied diligently and worked hard to get good grades. Achieving high grades is the primary criterion for entry into the National Honors Society. Thus, I simply do my best to study diligently.

    • How did you feel when you learned that you had officially become a member of the National Honor Society?

    Starting off, I was surprised by the nomination to join the National Honor Society. Then, a surge of happiness, perhaps, satisfaction swept over me when I understood the significance of this honor and realized that my hard work and accomplishments had led me here.

    • It is known that you are an alumnus of PennSchool. How did your time studying at PennSchool help you apply for scholarships, become a member of the National Honor Society, or gain admission to high schools in another country?

    PennSchool provides two factors I find extremely useful when studying and living in America. The first is the ability to speak semi-native English. The second is the School’s rigorous and quality curriculum. That’s about it. Among these skills, becoming proficient in the English language is one of the most important qualities needed to live in America because it allows us to easily connect with those around us, forming a network of relationships that can support us in our studies, as well as people who can listen and help us in difficult times. All of these are extremely important.

    • Hoang Nam, please share your most memorable achievements and experiences while studying at PennSchool.

    I do not have much experience while studying at PennSchool, due to COVID-19. However, the most memorable experiences I had at School were the robotics team, the awards I received, and the repeated exams and competitions that provided me with opportunities to demonstrate my abilities. Those were the most memorable experiences I had.

    • What is your dream? What kind of person do you see yourself becoming in the future?

    My dream is simple: Make enough money. I see myself being a free person in the future, my nature without a root traveling around and wandering through the world in my free time. 

    • From your experience/practical experience, what words of advice would you like to send to the PennSchool students – the “juniors” who are diligently learning and striving every day to become the best version of themselves?

    So, hello #HomeOfTheEagles. As your senior, I would like to give you this advice. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but these words came from the bottom of my heart. The first and most important thing is to nurture your passion. Follow your heart, no matter where it leads you. It may lead to favorable circumstances or tough challenges, but keep pursuing it through the end. The second is to believe in yourself and to believe that you can succeed. That’s all. Follow your passions and believe in yourself. If you can do both, then you are better than I am!

    Thank you, Hoang Nam, for this meaningful conversation. PennSchool hopes that you will continue to carry the lifelong learning spirit of #HomeOfTheEagles on your upcoming journeys and fulfill your set goals.

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