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“House Logo Design” Competition at PennSchool

Nội dung bài viết

    The competition “House Logo Design” at PennSchool is taking place actively. Each House of Eagles participating in the competition demonstrated their creativity and presented interesting ideas through their articles.

    The contest officially started at the end of August and we received many articles from members of the Houses. Each design has its own character and creativity.

    House of Eagles meet the basic requirements of the competition. They based on names and ethos to design mascots of their house, using different materials (paintings, clay, clay, paper mache…). House of Eagles have also relied on Penn’s mascot, the eagle, to make their own designs, including: Eagle of fire, eagle of water, eagle of air and eagle of earth,… With their creativity, different styles were created by students that show each house’s personality, along with detailed sharing of their ideas and meanings:

    Aqua- Symbol of water

    With the blue color of water and a symbol of trust and fairness, the members of the Aqua House were very creative and skillful when incorporating iconic images.

    Some difficulties came when I had to choose a mascot for my house… But then I suddenly remembered the eagle – a bird that almost grasped all the above criteria: strong, determined, flexible and majestic. Moreover, this is also the mascot of our school, so it makes the eagle a perfect image… More specifically, in the house Aqua is the water element representing justice and trust. When it comes to water, surely no one should not think of it as jade green, sky blue, or possibly life. Therefore, it is also the main color of my work… Besides the main blue color, my design also has a scale of justice; a scale that represents the law. I think this is directly related to Aqua’s personality traits: fairness and trust… The last element that made my part of the test was probably a little bit of “Harry Potter” style. That style is expressed through the ribbon with an old-fashioned look, like it has been for decades; the typeface is no longer in vogue today while it was very popular in the XVIII-XIX centuries… Thank you Pennschool for organizing such a meaningful contest. Whether I win the award or not, this is a great experience for me as I have the opportunity to improve my design skills – a soft skill that is essential in many fields, …”

    – Pham Hoang Minh Thu, Class B10

    Terra – Symbol of the earth

    Blue is the color that characterizes the Earth and it is also the symbolic color of the Terra family at PennSchool. With symbols of wisdom and empathy like “Mother Earth”, the image of trees, the earth covered with green.

    “I was inspired by this logo from a part of Harry Potter. I wanted to see it as meaningful as its name, Terra. Terra represents wisdom and empathy and also represents the earth so I choose the main color that is green, just like the natural color of the earth. And about the eagle, the eagle symbolizes strength and wisdom so I put a sword at the top of the logo to say to everyone in other houses that there is a most powerful weapon in our home. No one can beat us with our immense strength and our vast knowledge. If there is any difficulty in studying, come to our house to get help. The details I added on the outside of the logo are the leaves. It has a lot of details as well as a lot of foliage. I want to spread this meaning that I also want the earth to be like that, there are many trees. The more trees there are, the more foliage there will be so everything will look cool. The flower next to the eagle symbolizes empathy: we can be strong and smart about everything but that doesn’t mean our hearts are as cold as the ice in Antarctica. We are very willing to let you share everything and understand what you’re going through. That’s the meaning of my logo…”

    – Nguyen Quoc Hanh Nguyen, Class B9

    Ignis – Symbol of fire

    The red color of strength and enthusiasm “covers” the Ignis house logo designs. Ignis Members are people with abundant knowledge and unwavering faith, leading the path of light.

    “The eagle with keen eyes symbolizes courage, strength and immortality, but is also considered the “king of the skies” and messenger of the supreme Gods. If you don’t know, the unique characteristics of students sorted into this house are courage, chivalry, and determination. The emblematic animal is a fire eagle, and its colours are red and gold.

    Because the house Ignis was heavily influenced by the Gryffindor house in Harry Potter, I believe we could do the same! I was hoping that students would help spread the word. I wished you were here to be like the fire eagle, representing hard work and tenacity. We can work harder and be more determined in our attempts. I believe that anyone could do it if we all have faith in each other…”

    – Doan Hoang Bao Thy, Class B7

    Ventus – Symbol of the air

    With the symbol of creativity and inspiration, the “subjects” of Ventus House did not disappoint the House of Eagle when creating “unique” designs.

    “I made this logo to represent the house that I am in: Ventus. Firstly, as we all know, the eagle is the creature that symbolizes Penn school, so I use the eagle’s wings to put on my logo.

    Then, the wings also depict magical ideas. Then, the “V” letter stands for Ventus, located in the middle of the shield, meaning that the teamwork of our house will never be broken. At the top, the crown is the metaphor for each member of my team to be the king, the queen of their lives, in which they have the opportunity to express all of their abilities and creations.

    When any person in Ventus faces difficulties, the crown will remind each individual to never give up, and they should always believe in their talents, and the only person that they have to win is themselves. Next, around the shield is a light winds. This wind will spread its wings throughout the entire firmament, and bring our worthwhile creations, and inventions to every place in the world. Lastly, everything in the logo is painted yellow because it is the main colour of our house, the colour of happiness and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity,…”

    – Hoang Tran Binh Minh, Class ADP 9

    The voting portal has been set up, let’s look forward to the most popular logo design and will become the official logo of each house!

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