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I conquered the World Scholar’s Cup 2022 like that!

In the journey to conquer the World Scholar’s Cup 2022, the Eagles were extremely confident to overcome the “heavyweights” competitors in the central region to win a medal and the opportunity to move on to the international round of the competition. Let’s relive the feeling when standing on the big stage of the WSC competition with  Do Hoang Hai Long – ADP 12A.

Ruminating over the thrilling experience of an amiable competition on the grand stage, seldom did I get checked by an unpleasant memory, for the whole thing was fearfully challenging yet captivating. Belligerent as I was on that day, the contention for a slot in the international round enthralled my mind, everyone as I speculate, was eager for a slot, for this is a great auspicious opportunity in its most visceral term, only exhorting me even more fearful and elicit a bestial fighting spirit in my mind. 

Arriving at the venue rather late, for I disdainfully balked that morning, I was dismayed by the atmosphere of everyone, only until the beginning of the first round was I invigorated, without the exception of the wonderful support of my friends, and family. Animated and high-spirit, I gaily course through the competition, until the writing round of it did a gloomy undercurrent abruptly crept on me, for I unconsciously exert pressure on myself, for it was what was the kernel of my love for English, hitherto never have I been in such distraught agitation, wailing and lamenting, the fear of chagrin inundate my conscious, disappointing my endears and inability to meet my expectations. 

Though with fear, with dismay, with disconcerting state of mind, it kindled my ardent heart, love for literature, for the understanding of people, for the love of humanity kept within pages, and I assiduously wrote with passion, with tenderness, such can only manifest with the apparition of fervent love for the writing of the world. Yet those unsettling thoughts did not pass for a while, later that night, the prior was superseded by a vacant consciousness, leaving me with a hiatus of sounding composure. 

Later, the day after was the announcement of the prior result, and in the latter, I once more was struck by yesterday’s thoughts. The suffocating of my heart became ever more fearful at the time of the result revelation, all that pumping up my chest, showering me with my regrets, left me astray with no help. The thumping only amplified as they were announcing the result, with my hands on my face, my countenance betraying my state of mind, several names were called out, coveting to hear the sound of my name, it came like a pang to my mind, the sudden and abrupt cheering of my teammates perplexed me, hitherto never had I been this baffled. Only after a few seconds of composure did I have the chance to react and gaily went to the auditorium and received the awards with the best state of mind. We were rewarded as the penultimate team of the competition, and the first in writing. 

Ultimately, the experience brought upon us gave us something as a novelty and a sensation to behold, exhilarating as it is, it did come along with a lot of stress and build-up, yet it was all worth it!!!

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