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Operating from the school year 2020-2021, PennSchool is proud to be the ideal school for students to enhance students’ potential in an international environment.


The Pennsylvania American International School provides high-quality academic experience in a international bilingual setting, that prepare citizens with integrity and commitment actively to the development of society in a globalized world.


PennSchool has rolling enrollment throughout the year at all grades and the Admissions Team will provide a supportive and experience which help parents to have the best decisions.

Our Service

PennSchool offers a wide range of support services to ensure the students’ physical and mental health, helping them to learn and experience effectively.

News & Events

The latest events and news at PennSchool will be continuously updated to provide the useful information for students and parents.

Student Life

Not only improving knowledge, PennSchool students also participate in many extra activities, helping to build essential skills for the future.

Hall Of Fame

PennSchool is proud to train the next generations who are happy learners, discover, find the joy of learning and become lifelong learners.



School Calendar

PennSchool - School Calendar 2023-2024

Information about exams, events, after-school activities and holidays in the academic year 2023-2024.
Month Date Content
July 2023 29-30/07/2023 Robotacon Competition (HCMC round)
31/07/2023 Student Orientation Week & Parent-Teacher Meeting (Grade 12 – Bilingual Program)
August 2023 01/08/2023 First Day of School (Grade 12 – Bilingual Program)
01/08-15/09/2023 Wharton Global High School Investment Competition (Registration)
07-11/08/2023 Teacher PD Week
14-19/8 Orientation Week for Parents and Students
19-20/08/2023 Robotacon Competition (National Round – Hanoi)
21/08/2023 First Day of School (Pre-Grade 12)
24/08-15/09/2023 Kick-off of the Student Council Election activities
28/08-05/09/2023 – Search for talented students for the Talent Squad, Reading Olympics & Spelling Bee
– Launching Talent Debate Club – Debate Squad & Kick-off of the Debate Championship (The Present & Future Of AI)
28/08-15/09/2023 Kick-off of the House System
20-31/08/2023 Workshop: AI Tools and Guidance for the Effective Use in Study
20-31/08/2023 Psychology Workshop: Cyber Bullying
September 2023 01-30/09/2023 NWEA MAP Test (Fall Period)
02-30/09/2023 Field Trip: AI Center (Pre – Grade 12)
01-04/09/2023 Independence Day
04/09/2023 American Labor Day
05-30/09/2023 Kick-off of the Student Council & House Captain Election
11-15/09/2023 Kick-off CSR Project
21/09/2023 Peace Day
24-30/09/2023 House System: House Olympics – Uniting Houses, Defining success organizing Sports Day activities & colorful sports games by grade level.
25/09-06/10/2023 ADP Career Week
29/09/2023 Mid-Autumn Festival
05-30/09/2023 Parents Workshop by Grade Level
05-30/09/2023 Psychology Workshop: Respect
05-30/09/2023 Assembly in September
October 2023 09/10/2023 Columbus Day: Golden Bell Challenge with main topics about History & Geography
16-20/10/2023 Final Exam Quarter I: American International Program
Final Exam Quarter I: Vietnamese – American Bilingual Program
20/10/2023 Vietnamese Women’s Day
21-30/10/2023 The Debate Championship Competition: The Present & Future Of AI (first round)
23/10-15/11/2023 TEDx – Kick-off Meeting Embracing Innovation: “The Future of AI, Youth Activism, and Mental Health”
24-30/10/2023 House System: United Nations Day
25/10-03/11/2023 Midterm Exam: MOET Program (Primary – Secondary)
31/10/23 Halloween Festival
01-30/10/2023 Parents Workshop by Grade Level
01-30/10/2023 Psychology Workshop (Pre – Grade 12)
01-30/10/2023 Assembly in October
November 2023 01-30/11/2023 World Robot Olympiad (International round)
01/11-08/12/2023 The Debate Championship Competition: The Present & Future Of AI (Final Round)
03/11/2023 Movie Night Activity
05-10/11/2023 Graduation Photoshoot
06-10/11/2023 Children’s Book Week: Story Writing Festival Kickoff
20/11/2023 Vietnamese Teacher’s Day
20-23/11/2023 TED Talks: TEDxYouth – Innovation: “The Future of AI, Youth Activism, and Mental Health”
23/11/2023 American Thanksgiving Day
01-30/11/2023 Parents Workshop by Grade Level
01-30/11/2023 Psychology Workshop (Pre-Grade 12)
01-30/11/2023 Assembly in November
December 2023 01-06/12/2023 House System Competition: “CANVAS OF CODE – AI’s Interpretation of Beauty”
01-15/12/2023 ADP Keystone Exam
04-08/12/2023 Hispanic Flavors and Tacos
04-22/12/2023 Final Exam Semester I: MOET Program (Secondary – High School)
*Exam schedule is subject to change.
15-22/12-2023 Final Exam Semester I: MOET Program (Primary)
*Exam schedule is subject to change.
01/12/2023-31/01/2024 VEX Robotics Intramural Friendly Match
18-20/12/2023 Final Exam Quarter II: American International Program
Final Exam Quarter II: Vietnamese – American Bilingual Program
22/12//2023 Christmas Activities
25-31/12/2023 Winter Break
January 2024 01/01/2024 New Year Holiday
02/01-31/03/2024 VEX Robotics Championship (National Round)
03-10/01/2024 PENNxWASSxSISS Friendly Sports Week
02-31/01/2024 House System:
– Primary: Home of the Eagles – Penn Relay Festival
– Secondary: Home of the Eagles – Penn Amazing Race
15/01-15/02/2024 ADP Orientation Week: University Application
18-20/01/2024 Parent-Teacher Meeting End of Quarter II
13-27/01/2024 TEDx – Innovation: “The Future of AI, Youth Activism, and Mental Health” (final round)
01-31/01/2024 Parents Workshop by Grade Level
01-31/01/2024 Psychology Workshop (Pre-Grade 12)
01-31/01/2024 Assembly in April
February 2024 02/02/2024 Spring Festival
02-28/02/2024 FLL Friendly Intramural Competition (Secondary)
02-28/02/2024 VEX Robotics National Competition
05-16/02/2024 Lunar New Year
19/02/2024 Back to School after Lunar New Year
01-29/02/2024 Parents Workshop by Grade Level
01-29/02/2024 Psychology Workshop (Pre-Grade 12)
01-29/02/2024 Assembly in February
March 2024 01-31/03/2024 Women’s History Month
03/03/2024 World Wildlife Day
08/03/2024 International Women’s Day
04-12/03/2024 Midterm Exam Semester II: MOET Program
01-31/03/2024 Hong Kong International Computational Olympiad
01-31/03/2024 First LEGO League
01-31/03/2024 Hong Kong International Science Olympiad
11-15/03/2024 Orientation Week: Sex Education
11-15/03/2024 Final Exam Quater 3: American International Program
Final Exam Quater 3: Vietnamese – American Bilingual Program
22/03/2024 World Water Day
25-29/03/2024 Golden Bell Challenge
01-31/03/2024 Grade 11&12 Internship
28/03/2024 World Scholar’s Cup (HCMC Round)
31/03/2024 Easter Day
01-31/03/2024 House System: Dance/Band/Fashion Design Competition
01-31/03/2024 Parents Workshop by Grade Level
01-31/03/2024 Psychology Workshop (Pre-Grade 12)
01-31/03/2024 Assembly in March
April 2024 01-04/04/2024 Traditional Vietnamese Culture Week
01-30/04/2024 First LEGO League (International Round)
12/04/2024 Pink Day
18/04/2024 Hung Kings Commemoration Day
15-16/04/2024 World Scholar’s Cup (HCMC Round)
13-14/04/2024 School Year Exhibition
15-26/04/2024 Final Exam Semester II: Vietnamese Program (Secondary – Highschool)
22/04/2024 Earth Day 2024
30/04-01/05/2024 Reunification Day & International Labour Day
01-30/04/2024 Parents Workshop by Grade Level
01-30/04/2024 Psychology Workshop (Pre-Grade 12)
01-30/04/2024 Assembly in April
May 2024 01-30/05/2024 VEX World Championship (International Round)
03/05/2024 World Press Freedom Day
13-17/05/2024 AP Exam
06-08/05/2024 Final Exam Quarter IV: American International Program
Final Exam Quarter IV: Vietnamese – American Bilingual Program
09-15/05/2024 Final Exam Semester II: Vietnamese Program (Primary)
17/05/2024 House System Summarization & Award Ceremony
23-25/04/2024 Parent-Teacher Meeting end of the school year
27-28/05/2024 Closing Ceremony
29-31/05/2024 Graduation Ceremony (Pre, Grades 5,8,9 & 12)
June 2024 03/06-06/07/2024 Practical Learning Program
17/06-26/07/2024 Summer Camp (Primary – Secondary)
11-15/06/2024 The National High School Graduation Exam

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For the first generation of graduates at PennSchool, the journey of learning and improving skills during their high school years in the American International Program has helped them to be...

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The PennSchool community came together to adorn October with a myriad of diverse colors through a series of remarkable events, creating an atmosphere buzzing with positive energy. In response to...

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