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TEDxYouth@PennSchool 2022

08:20 - 11:00
10 Ba Thang Hai St., Ward 12, Dist.10, HCMC

Goals & Objectives

With the theme “The New Uses of Technology in Education – Innovation & Flexibility” , TEDxYouth@Penn is an opportunity for students from grade 1 – 12 to illustrates their ideas for this topic.


  • 56 Students are chosen for the School round.
  • 11 Finalists are chosen for the official round.


This event includes 2 rounds, including the school round and official round:

  • 14/01/2022: The school round
  • 17/01/2022: Announce a list of students who qualified for TEDxYouth@PENN 2022
  • 05/03/2022: Official round of TEDxYouth@PENN 2022

Event Sumary

TEDxYouth@PENN 2022 started in the school round on January 14th and finished in the official round on March 05th, 2022.

TEDxTalk is an event in which many excellent speakers participate to share interesting perspectives with the community. TED (Technology – Entertainment – Design) was born in 1984 by American founder Richard Saul Wurman. Videos shared on TEDx on various topics such as Education, Business, Science, Technology, Creativity have brought a lot of knowledge and inspired millions of people around the world. gender. Overcoming geographical distances, barriers and language differences, TED Talks and TEDx Talks (regional talks on topics presented by local speakers) are held. to achieve the goal of promoting dialogue and connecting the community.

The theme of TEDxYouth@Penn 2022 is The New Uses of Technology in Education – Innovation & Flexibility.

Using new technology to teach is quite familiar with us. Especially, in the period of pandemic, the role of technology to support online learning at schools is more clear. By showing their point of views, analyzing their ideas, and showing key messages; PennSchool students have shown organizers how technology is important at schools and how it helps students to get more knowledge and skills. Especially, applying technology in education is the modern trend which is shown through comparison images between traditional and modern teaching methods.

In the school round, students participate online and offline which is divided based on different grades.  Each student has 5 minutes to present. In the morning, students from grade 7-12 have joined at school. Students from grade 1-6 have taken part in online through Google Meet in the afternoon. Similar to junior and senior students, skittle ones also show their own opinions confidently and lovely.

After considering students’ ideas, presenting methods, 11 finalists have been chosen for the official round. At the final round, each student will have 15 minutes to present as a professional debate. With the different point of view about the advantage of technology in education, each student as a citizen has shown and analyzed this topic with a variety of aspects. This is also an impressive point of TEDxYouth@Penn.

Each round gives students an opportunity to learn from each others and develop essential skills for their future.

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