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Pennschool provides high-quality academic programs integrated with prestigious American educational programs in a comprehensive bilingual environment, preparing students with the optimal foundation to become talented and confident global leaders in the future.


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Career orientation for high school students

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    Choosing a major is the first step of high school students in the career orientation. High school is the great time to start thinking and planning before graduating. However, the diversity of careers makes them confused to choose the right ones.

    Let’s find out your abilities and choose the right major for your higher education!

    Discover your hobbies

    Entering high school is a great time to think about careers, even though students cannot determine what you want to do. This is completely normal. In fact, some recent occupations may not exist in the future. And students can change their career choices over and over again, even when they’ve already entered the labor market. However, choosing a career following students’ concern will be the first step to help them to succeed in the future. To do this, students need to start by discovering the kind of jobs they love, taking the time to find out and implementing the essential skills.

    Find out your own abilities

    Understanding what you like and what you are good at is the next step in discovering your career. And even if students aren’t sure what they’re interested in, PennSchool’s curriculum gives them the opportunity to explore. The school curriculum combines a variety of subjects and activities. In addition to the core subjects, students can choose electives and a variety of extracurricular activities. From there, students can easily discover their abilities. For example, through the House system, high school students have the opportunity to support and share experiences and knowledge with younger students. This helps them to experiment with their role as a teacher and assess their ability to be suitable with this job or not.

    Identify the kind of career

    Once students have found their favorite subjects and activities, the next step is to find careers that align with their choice. For example, if students love math, they can become mathematicians, financial analysts or accountants…

    In fact, there are many different jobs that students can explore and choose. PennSchool provides students and families with support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition into post-secondary education. Through one-on-one discussions, group information sessions, and parental involvement, students are helped to discover what they want from the next part of their life-long educational journey, based on their performance, so that they can achieve the best personal and academic result. Students also research schools at the college fairs held annually, attend visits with university representatives on campus, and learn online with virtual school tours and webinars.

    Do a research

    After identifying several types of careers, it’s time for students to research about these careers’ prospects. Some school projects bring students to experience some types of jobs that are future-oriented. Finally, students can actively contact and listen to people working in the field to understand more about the job’ requirement, the difficulties and challenges they will cope with or the exciting experiences they will gain.

    The more carefully prepared, the higher the ability of students to find a suitable major after high school and to orientate their career according to their own abilities and interests. Understanding this issue, PennSchool always encourages and creates opportunities for high school students to have more interesting experiences in their subjects through projects to help them meet their expectations in the future career.

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