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Operating from the school year 2020-2021, PennSchool is proud to be the ideal school for students to enhance students’ potential in an international environment.


The Pennsylvania American International School provides high-quality academic experience in a bilingual setting, that prepare citizens with integrity and commitment actively to the development of society in a globalized world.


PennSchool has rolling enrollment throughout the year at all grades and the Admissions Team will provide a supportive and experience which help parents to have the best decisions.

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PennSchool offers a wide range of support services to ensure the students’ physical and mental health, helping them to learn and experience effectively.

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Not only improving knowledge, PennSchool students also participate in many extra activities, helping to build essential skills for the future.

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PennSchool is proud to train the next generations who are happy learners, discover, find the joy of learning and become lifelong learners.



The outstanding educational technology trends in 2022

Covid-19 creates many challenges in all aspects of life, however it also gives new development opportunities, especially applying technology in many fields, including education. 

With the development of technology, students can study easily even when they cannot go to school because of the pandemic. And now when we live in a new normal, the technology solutions also help students to get more experiences.  

Personalize experiences

As the “Edsurge” report of Pearson (2016), tools to support adaptive learning are educational technology, which support and give students more personal experiences. 

Through the technology, students can receive feedback and evaluation based on their behavior. 

At PennSchool, annually, students will participate in the MAP test, which is one of the students’ personalized experiences. The test will start with the beginning question and then it will change the difficulty based on the previous answer. The MAP test will help teachers to determine exactly the students’ capacity.   

Arena learning experiences

Learning in the digital platform is one of the reasons that students cannot concentrate on studying, therefore the platform should add more activities instead of providing the basic knowledge. 

The learning management systems are used at PennSchool like ClassDojo, Schoology, help to increase the interaction between teachers and students. The platforms not only share documents, but also combine the exercises for students to get more knowledge and improve skills. 

Applied Game-based learning

Game-based learning is one of the educational trends which is applied at primary school and helps students to get more opportunity to study and play in class. According to a research in 2012 of Jan L. Plass (New York University), Bruce D. Homer (CUNY University) và Charles K. Kinzer (Columbia University), one of the main factors of Game-based learning is to use games to encourage students to get experiences that they have never tried before. 

Game-based learning is one of the core learning methods at Penn Primary school. The method helps students to develop their knowledge through interesting games. 

VR and AR Experiences

 VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are applied at school nowadays. These help students to discover the real world in their class.

VR and AR are also used at PennSchool to advance the lesson, help them to find out the real world in the modern learning method. Since then, students can improve their observation, evaluate skills to develop their learning projects.

Applying modern technology in education is PennSchool’s concern, which helps students to get more experiences in studying. In addition, this is the best way for students to update the development of technology, leading to become the global citizens and ready to integrate with the world.

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