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Operating from the school year 2020-2021, PennSchool is proud to be the ideal school for students to enhance students’ potential in an international environment.


The Pennsylvania American International School provides high-quality academic experience in a bilingual setting, that prepare citizens with integrity and commitment actively to the development of society in a globalized world.


PennSchool has rolling enrollment throughout the year at all grades and the Admissions Team will provide a supportive and experience which help parents to have the best decisions.

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PennSchool offers a wide range of support services to ensure the students’ physical and mental health, helping them to learn and experience effectively.

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The latest events and news at PennSchool will be continuously updated to provide the useful information for students and parents.

Student Life

Not only improving knowledge, PennSchool students also participate in many extra activities, helping to build essential skills for the future.

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PennSchool is proud to train the next generations who are happy learners, discover, find the joy of learning and become lifelong learners.



Essential skills of students in the 4.0 era

The 4.0 revolution accompanied Generation Z and Generation Alpha in their development. Gen Z and Gen Alpha were born and grew up in the era of technology and artificial intelligence, giving them the opportunity to develop their abilities from an early age.

In order to build a foundation for the future, students born in this period are more proactive in building their essential skills. Therefore PennSchool built the curriculum and extracurricular activities to support them.

Global Citizenship Skills

Technology has shortened the distance among everyone all over the world. Globalization helps people to connect and also impacts socio-economy and cultures.

Globalization also helps students in the world to share and exchange information with each other. This encourages students to be aware of the impact of themselves and their global friends on world affairs. Global citizenship skills help students expand their learning opportunities, connect with experts, and learn from their friends everywhere.

At Pennschool, students are encouraged to build global networks and connect with their friends through the international learning environment and VR subjects. Extracurricular activities and annual events help students to find out the cultures and customs of different countries, giving them the opportunity to understand each other better and build international friendships.

Innovation and Creativity Skills

Innovation and creativity are inevitable in the changing world and help students establish many competencies that support their learning and human development in the future. Innovation helps students develop the capacity for complex problem solving, critical and computational thinking, data analysis and design, and promotes the development of solutions.

To activate this skill, PennSchool programs provide the opportunity to participate in many individual and group projects and hands-on activities. Students not only study the basic knowledge introduced by the teacher, but also have the environment to develop their own ideas and assess those ideas effectively.

Technology Skills

The development of technology creates many advantages in the process of connecting and learning, but it is also a challenge that offers students to update innovations in its application. Technology skills include fundamental digital skills that help students to use a variety of software programs that support their learning. With students who love IT, they will be guided on coding information on computers, modifying code to build on existing technology, or programming new solutions.

With technology subjects such as robotics, programming, design, etc., students at PennSchool will learn basic technology operations, technology integration, how to use it safely and securely, as well as apply technology to their life.

Communication Skills

Communication is a key skill that affects students’ success. However, shyness, lack of initiative, and lack of connection tools make their communication skills limited. Communication skills include social intelligence, emotional intelligence, and the ability to adapt and cooperate with each other.

The program at PennSchool helps students build their capacity to connect with their friends in group activities, build leadership, develop speaking skills, make questions, and so on.

The learning and communication environment at PennSchool will help students to build soft skills and shape their personality. These are also important steps to support them in the best preparations for their future career, shape their lifelong learning and become Global citizens who are brave and confident.

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